WhatsApp liberates you to be in touch with your loved ones and acquaintances from anywhere around the globe at any time. It has now become the world’s most frequently used and most popular application. The purpose of WhatsApp was to facilitate users communication which is why it keeps updating and launching new features for the benefit of its users. Here are the new five additional features that WhatsApp has introduced:

Pinned Chats Feature

To reach your loved ones conveniently WhatsApp has introduced Pinned chats feature. Using this added advantage, you can pick any of your three favorite chats and pin them on the top. This way they will always stay on top and it would be easier for you to follow these chats. To pin a chat all you have to do is to tap your favorite chat a little longer and it will be pinned to top. Make note that only 3 chats could be pinned.

Two-Step Authentication Feature

Through the use of this feature you can protect your account in a more secure way while resetting and verifying your account. It introduces a security layer that can be opened by typing your secure 6-digit passcode and an optional email address, all to prevent the unauthorized use.

A More Efficient Siri

This feature has been introduced for the benefit of the iPhone users mostly. Siri can read the WhatsApp message aloud to the users. This feature requires version 2.17.20 of the app and iOS 10.3 or later to work.

WhatsApp Text Status

Last year, WhatsApp replaced the text status feature with another one called ‘Status’ that allowed the users to use images, GIFs and videos as their status. But as the feedback on this feature did not come as positive as expected, WhatsApp decided it would be better for users to again make use of the text status feature called “About and phone number” and that can be set in the Settings Profile tab.

New Video-Calling Button On Android

This feature eases video calling on Android phones by displaying separate buttons for audio and video calls. The users do not have to press call button and then select the option of video calling from the dropdown menu anymore. This makes it easier for users to see it and choose, making it quick and easier to make calls. The video-calling button has replaced the attachment button, which has been relocated to the bottom of the text bar.