Your productivity, while working at home, increases when you know how to prepare for the same. Use these tips mentioned below for managing your working life effectively during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A fixed schedule for working hours

Do not mix your work life with personal time. Set a schedule to avoid mixing work with your family time. Otherwise, it will be chaos. You will not know how much to work and relax. It’s easier that way when you know when to open and shut your computer or laptop as the day ends.

A neat and clean environment

Ensure that the home environment is clean. However, if you are living alone or have a partner who is working, it’s complicated. Then, you depend on Dreame technology. These vacuum cleaners are super-fast, effective, and automatic.

They can clean every small and large chunk of dirt around you. Simply so that the dirt lying around does not distract you anymore. Plus, your kids and pets will be safe from chewing or touching any dirt while you work from home.

A to-do list of office tasks for the day

There’s no point in starting your day with chaos in mind. It’s only a foolish thing to do. But if you have a to-do list as you start your working hours, your day can be productive.

You will know how many tasks are pending and immediate. This way, you will not waste time deciding which task to pick first and last.

A quiet room in your house to work

This is an important point, so pay attention. You don’t need the distraction of any sorts while working. But that seems impossible when you are home and living with family or roommates.

However, if you pick a quiet corner or room, that’s entirely possible. For this to happen, you need the cooperation of your family or roommates.

Once you get such a room, you can relax and focus only on working from home. So to say, you will even finish your work for the day on time.

Proper corporate or formal attire

Don’t let your mind think that you can slack at work just because you are at home. To fool your mind, wear formals. That is even more important when you are on video conference or individual calls with your team members or seniors.

Moreover, when they see you in formals, it gives out a better impression. They will realize you take your work seriously and professionally if that’s your job profile.

Avoidance of too much comfort

Avoid any kind of leisure, like pillows or blankets to lie down and work. This will only lead to the procrastination of the pending work. For you need to work on time being at home during the pandemic, you need to sit tight and straight.

So, it’s best that you use a portable or mountable workstation. Besides that, you can use a regular office chair and a table. This strategy convinces your mind and body to behave professionally during working hours at home.

Water bottle at your workstation

Do not overstress yourself while working at home during a pandemic. For this, you need to keep drinking an adequate amount of water. This hydrates your body. You will then feel less sleepy or tired.

As a ripple effect, you don’t walk away from your desk for unnecessary long water breaks. Plus, you focus more on your work. That’s because you eliminate the reason to walk away from the work desk at home.

Breaks during lunch hours

Taking breaks in between your work is essential. But have them during the proper lunch hours. In short, you must follow the exact office working hours schedule even at home. Such breaks keep you grounded. You don’t take the leisure of working at home for granted this way.

Maintain open and transparent communication with your team

Do not ghost your team while at home. You all need each other equally in the Coronavirus pandemic while working at home. So, to behave like you are still at the office, you need to be in constant touch with your team.

For instance, many offices use a video-conferencing application. There, they schedule meetings, be available on chat during working hours, etc.

This helps in building a team spirit even if each person in your office or team is working alone at home.