So you’ve been thinking about old campers and wondering if they are worth it. If you have never bought an old camper before, you might be skeptical about what might lie in store for you. Knowing what to expect can help you make your choices more easily.

Buying a camper can be expensive. And it is not likely that you will buy it over and over again. So when you buy one, make sure you give enough time and research into it. After all, everybody deserves the best, be it old or new.

In the world of campers and RVs, people opt for used and old ones instead of new ones. So that you know, there are many perks from buying an old camper instead of a new one. For instance, you get the camper at a much cheaper rate.

What To Expect From Old Campers For Sale

Let us take a look at the things you can expect from an old camper for sale:

It is relatively more affordable

The first thing to expect from an old camper is affordability. Most of the old campers are relatively cheap while still working as a new RV. The registration and license of old campers are less expensive than new ones.

Depending on the brand, condition, and the seller’s status, some campers can go as low as half or even less than half the price of its original price.

As long as the camper is in good condition, this is a huge advantage as you get it at a very low price compared to those in the market. New campers do not have the most affordable price tag. So, buying an old camper can potentially help you save a lot of expense.

If you only go camping once in a while, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a camper. Buying an old camper is a more practical option.

You get additional perks

Aside from the lower price, old campers can also help you save you more money.
These campers can significantly lower the need to upgrade.

When you buy an old camper, you can expect some additional perks the previous owner left behind. These perks can be anything from stoves and sinks to solar and other technology.

Therefore, you can save money from the necessities the old camper has to offer.

It has a better build and quality

Generally, older things, be it vehicles or anything else, tend to have a better build quality. Old campers tend to have less depreciation. Some older campers made before the 21st century have a quite durable build with lasting quality.

You can check out the different types of old campers available for sale on Zervs. Zervs is a reputable online platform where motor dealers come together to sell and buy vehicles.

While we have praises for old campers, let’s be honest here. You can also expect some downsides along with the perks from an old camper for sale.

There is no manufacturer warranty

Since these campers are old and used, it comes without manufacturer warranties. However, there can be possible third-party warranties.

It could have potential maintenance issues

Keep an eye on possible shortcomings the old camper you want to buy might have. Old campers have a greater chance of issues than brand new ones. There could be some defects that are unseen on the surface.

Are you looking to get the best out of old campers? Now that you know what to expect from old campers for sale, the buying choice comes down to you. Either you want to go on an adventure exploring the roads or live on the go, campers fit quite well.

If you want to buy one of the old affordable campers, there are several factors to consider.

Things To Consider While Buying An Old Camper

From choosing the brand and model to finding a reputable dealership, buying an old camper can be a long process. Here are some effective tips on how to buy an old camper:

Draw a budget line

Knowing what budget camper you want can significantly narrow down your options to the most relevant ones.

Research on the different types and features of campers

It is always good to do research beforehand. You get to know the specifics about different camper models and brands. It is important to know the fair value of what you are going to buy.

Choose a reputable online motor dealership

Nothing can beat the sense of security when you buy something from a site you trust. So, it is essential to find a trusted online motor platform like Zervs.

Know your questions

Buying a camper can be stressful if you don’t know anything about the camper itself. Make sure you know what questions to raise on a camper that you are interested in.

Keep your cool

The whole process of buying an old camper can be tiring. You need to research and find the ideal camper. It would be best if you inspected the camper for defects and issues. Even the transaction process could be overwhelming sometimes. But be patient and keep your cool, and you will probably find the perfect camper to serve you during camping and road trips.


It is heavenly to spend quality time with family and have memorable road trip adventures in a camper. But the only way you can do that is by getting a good old camper. When you buy campers, I would recommend getting an old one because of the reasons above. After all, old is gold!