Snakes come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. However, they are not generally well-adapted to city environments. That means, if you’re living somewhere like Chicago there are only a few snakes you have to worry about. You’ll commonly find these snakes in the area:

  • Common garter snake
  • Smooth green snake
  • Fox snakes
  • Northern water snakes
  • Queens snake
  • Red-bellied snake
  • Brown snake

This list isn’t exhaustive but it covers the most commonly seen snakes in this area. However, as some people keep snakes as pets and they can escape, there could be any type of snake in your house.

That’s why you need to know what to do.

Step Back

When you come across a snake you are likely to be startled and so is it. The first thing you should do is step back to tell the snake you are not a threat. Most snakes are afraid of humans and will stay out of our way.

However, if they are cornered or feel threatened they may attack. This is especially true if they have no other option.

Get Out

Once you’ve ensured that the snake is calm you’ll want to leave the room and make sure all family members, including pets, have left with you.

However, when you leave the room you should look at whether it is possible to trap the snake. If it is, close the doors to the room and make sure the windows are shut. If there is a gap under your doors fill it with a towel, effectively blocking the snake’s exit route. This means the snake will have to stay in your room.

Providing you haven’t scared the snake it will probably be happy to stay where it is.

Call For Help

It is best to get hold of your local exterminators. They will be the experts in handling snakes. Their title can be misleading as they won’t kill the snake unless there is no other option.

The experts will be used to dealing with the common snakes in your area. They also have the right equipment, allowing them to capture the snake with the minimum of fuss and take it out of your home.

Look At Access Points

The professionals will take the snake away but you need to look at how it got in. Snakes are generally attracted to rodents. You’ll want to check your home for any sign of rodent droppings and, if you find any, get rid of the rodents. Again, the pest control team can help with this.

In terms of access to your home, they can come in through an open door. But, it is worth checking for gaps in your building, especially around doors and windows. If you find any seal them up.

Keep It Tidy

Alongside trying to keep rodents and snakes outside, you should take a look at your garden and how much clutter/rubbish you have. The more there is the greater the attraction for rodents. Unfortunately; if rodents are present snakes are likely to follow.

Remove the clutter and waste to avoid attracting rodents and, because of them, snakes.