Babysitting is an important service. It creates jobs and gives parents the opportunity to have a break from their children. This can be simply to enjoy time together or because they have a specific event that they must attend.

While it is good for the parents, it can be a tough job for the babysitter. That’s why it is best to use professional and reputable babysitting services Sydney. They won’t just have approved the babysitter, they will also ensure they have all the training they need, such as what t do when kids won’t listen.

The General Approach

In most cases children will listen because the babysitter is an unknown, they will be unsure of what they can get away with and whether you will report back to their parents. To ensure this is the case the best option is to give children choices while making sure what they need to do is done.

For example, when they have to clear up give them a choice of where to start. Or, make it into a game to ensure it is more fun for them.

In general, this works. But, there are times when children don’t want to listen.

Take A Break

When a child you are babysitting doesn’t want to listen it is going to be frustrating. Simply repeating your demand is not going to help. This is when it is time to take a break.

Make sure the child or children are safe and then step aside. You should take several minutes to calm your mind and ensure you are not frustrated when dealing with them.

Adopt A New Approach

If you’ve been trying to reason with the child or have given them choices and this isn’t working then you need to change tact. After calming yourself, choose a new approach, such as simply telling them what to do or listing the consequences if they don’t cooperate.

The change in tact and potential outcome is often enough for the child to start listening again.

Explain The Situation

You can also take a few minutes to explain the situation. This helps the child to understand why something has to be done. At the same time, you are treating the child more like an equal. They will notice this and appreciate it.

While doing this it is important to reiterate what happens if they don’t listen. Don’t forget to remind them you are enforcing the parent’s rules.

The Consequences

If you have taken the time to explain to the child more than once what will happen if they don’t do what you have asked, and they still don’t, then you need to follow through.

If you don’t deliver on the consequences then the child will assume that you’ll never follow through. That means they have no reason to listen to you and they never will.

Providing the consequences are reasonable and in keeping with the issue, follow through. It’s good for you and the children.