Have you ever wondered what tools you always need to keep in your garage to fix all the problems you might have with your vehicle? What does the most faithful friend the car needs? Actually, not very much. The number of accessories depends on your passion, knowledge, and financial capabilities. In this article, you can find the main tools you need to be sure that you are ready for all the things that might happen with your automobile.

Tool kit. First of all, you need to take care of the necessary tools that will allow you to make minor repairs to your car. First of all, it should be different kinds of wrenches, screwdrivers, or pliers. Although a hammer or hacksaw can also come in handy. Therefore, it is worth thinking about what tools you will need for car maintenance, if necessary.

Tube. You can have a very expensive tool kit, but sometimes there are situations when it is completely useless, especially when you need to unscrew a very stuck bolt or nut. It seems that you have the right wrench and head, but no power. This is where the pipe comes in, with the help of which you will lengthen the lever, which in turn will significantly increase the torque of the force.

Tester or Voltage Indicator. It makes sense that if you are not a professional car electrician, neither a tester nor a voltage indicator will help you find and fix a serious problem in the electrical system of your car, especially if it is a modern car in which there are more electronics than mechanics. Nevertheless, a tester or voltage indicator will not be superfluous in your garage. With their help, you can quickly find a blown fuse, and check the voltage and continuity of wires.

Car jack. If you bought a new car, it’s better to check it and test it. Just consider the changes in the car over time, so you don’t think there is a breakdown. It could be just a modification of some parts from the manufacturer. To learn about such changes in detail read more. This is also considered to be the most necessary tool, which provides the ability to lift the car and its necessary repairs. It is a necessary device, with the help of which you can quickly carry out the replacement of a flat or punctured wheel. For garage use, you can use a more modern and stationary pump jack, which will safely hold the car at the required distance.

Some extra wheels. A special topic – the wheels. Many automobile owners change it themselves during the season, from time to time dropping in for balancing. However, it is not necessary to do tire fitting yourself, sometimes you just need to look in some places of the car, which are accessible only with the removed wheel.

Brush and scraper for clearing snow and ice. In the morning, when you come to the garage, you may see ice on the windows and mirrors. Driving in this way is not safe, so it is better to always keep a scraper handy. It can successfully clean the body from the ice as well. This tool, as well as brushes to remove dry or sticking snow in the cold season, is advisable to carry with you in the trunk of the car. This will greatly simplify the life of a novice car owner.

Ignition wires. An unexpectedly stalled engine is best resuscitated with a charger. But if the automobile driver has no time for charging, and you need to go somewhere urgently, you can use the old method. With the help of ignition cables, you can join the battery of another car and thus quickly revive yours.

Some bricks. Having a few bricks in your garage is essential, especially in case you suddenly need to lift both sides of your car since you are 99% likely to have only one hydraulic jack.

Drill or screwdriver. You can also unscrew something without a screwdriver or drill, but it will take a little more time than usual, but you can’t drill a hole without these tools, and without drills, which you should also have.

Changing oil and technical fluids. Those motorists, who are not afraid to get their hands dirty with oil, have baskets, funnels, and a special device for removing the oil filter in their garage. Well, all car owners should have a small reserve for refilling suitable oil, antifreeze, and brake fluid.

Vacuuming and cleaning supplies. Every garage should also have a vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies for car care. The garage is not just a place where the car will be parked or undergo minor repairs. It should be a place where the driver takes care of the cleanliness of the car. That’s why it should be equipped with a vacuum cleaner and several types of auto chemicals designed for car care.


This article presents the most popular and necessary tools that will provide quick car repairs under any circumstances. Therefore, it is absolutely not necessary to neglect their purchase, and it is better to buy them immediately and store them in your garage.