Health is, and always will be, a top priority to most people. Some health problems may be more uncomfortable to talk about than others, but can often be very serious, so don’t ignore them.

Kidney or bladder pains? Blood in your urine? Swollen scrotum? All of these symptoms could mean you need a trip to a urologist.

Urologists specialise in health issues concerning the urine tract and male reproductive systems, you may be referred to this type of specialist is you experience continue pain or require treatment relating to:

  • Bladder
  • Urethra
  • Ureters
  • Kidneys
  • Adrenal Glands

Blocked Urethra

This is the duct that urine exits when coming from the bladder, and in males, also carries semen. Men can experience this getting blocked by enlarged prostate tissue, preventing urine flowing. This blockage can cause:

  • Kidney damage
  • Kidney stones
  • Infection

If this does happen, a Urolift can be advised. A urologist in London can perform minimal invasive approach treatment which will lift/hold the enlarged tissue out of the way to stop it blocking the duct, without cutting, heating or removing any of this tissue, but simply by placing a small implant to relieve compression on the urethra.

This treatment is effective and very safe, without compromising regular function but reliving symptoms to resume daily, pain-free activity.

Kidney Pains

This can cause severe pain and continuous discomfort for those suffering. This occurrence can be an indication of very serious problems and should be investigated as the kidney is a very important organ, as it filters your blood and removes body waste.
This pain can be an indication of:

  • Stones
  • Infection
  • Blockages
  • Cancer or Tumour

Kidney stones can be very painful if they fall from the kidney as they will then block the ureter tube. This issue is generally indicated by back pains, blood in urine or a urinary tract infection; more common in males, but still affecting approximately one in ten people. 
A urologist can offer multiple treatments to solve this, some involving simply painkillers and others requiring surgery, depending on the size of the stones.

High PSA

PSA stands for prostate-specific antigen, an enzyme which is abnormally high in men with prostate cancer and its levels can indicate prostate problems.

Enlarged, inflamed or infected prostate can cause levels to rise, as well as prostate cancer. Higher levels do not always mean cancer, but a urologist can offer diagnosis and offer a multitude of treatments depending on the cause.


Involuntary urine leakage is referred to as incontinence and affects around one in three people over the age of 60, especially women, and can severely affect physical, psychological and social wellbeing. An overactive or weak bladder or weak pelvic floor can cause this issue. Urology clinics have a wide range of treatments to help, so if you suffer from this issue, don’t think there isn’t specialist help available.

Urology clinics offer many treatments and diagnoses for individual worried about pains or risk of prostate/bladder cancer. Clinics are often very busy but can accommodate people for next or same-day appointments. Put your mind at ease if you have concerns about any of these issues, and make an appointment for advice and assurance.