The planned golf community is a fascinating concept. There are individuals who love sports like baseball, basketball, hockey, and football, but it’s not possible to live in a community completely dedicated to one of those. Only the golf community lets you turn your hobby or obsession into a way of life.

You can look into a luxury community in Scottsdale, AZ, where you will live right next to a world-class golf course. You can find similar ones around the country. Before you consider moving to one of these communities, though, let’s talk about what you can expect with one of these experiences.

You Don’t Have to Travel to Play

One of the most pleasant things about living in a golf community is that you don’t have to drive to the nearest country club to play golf. You’ll have a golf course, or possibly multiple courses, right outside your window.

If you love golf, it’s hard to overemphasize how nice that is. You can set up a tee time, put on your best golf outfit, and hit the links practically in your backyard. You’ll feel truly luxurious when you can do that every weekend, or during the weeks as well if you’d like.

You Must Abide By the Communal Rules

If you live in a golf community, you should also understand that you must abide by the communal rules. These are intentional, planned communities, so they are usually run by what essentially amounts to tenant associations. They’re like condo boards.

Some residents don’t mind that, but others might find it a bit restrictive. Be ready to have some limits placed on what you can do with your property. You probably can’t paint your house an unapproved color, for instance.

Your Neighbors Have the Same Enthusiasm that You Do

If you live in a golf community, one of the things you will probably enjoy about it most is the fact that everyone who lives there will be as enthusiastic about the game as you are. You will have neighbors all around you who love watching golf, playing golf, and basically eating, drinking, and breathing golf.

You can find a foursome to play with at any time with no problems. If you want to talk with your neighbors about who’s going to win the Masters or whether Pebble Beach is a tougher course than Torrey Pines, they will be only too happy to discuss that with you.

You will also have a built-in community all around you and many individuals and families like that. If you’re retired, you have a network of friends on all sides, so you’re not likely to feel lonely. Some people report feeling isolated in retirement, so having that group of friends with golf as the foundation of your relationships might work out well for you.

Golf communities are not for everyone, but if you’re passionate about the game and don’t mind living in a community with some restrictions and regulations, this might be the ideal situation for you.