A self-build campervan, as the name implies, is one that you build yourself, instead of buying one that is ready-made. In other words, you build yourself, everything that you see in a ready-made campervan that would suit your camping needs.

While this is an awesome experience, there are a few things to take into consideration first before you get started on the project. These should include things like the costs involved, what it takes to do a good job, how long it will take, and more importantly, whether you have the skills to take on such a project.

Following are a few pros and cons related to building a campervan, to help you decide whether a self-build campervan is something you really want to do.

The pros

The pros of building your own campervan include:

Low cost – this is one of the greatest benefits of building a campervan of your own, especially if you do it entirely on your own. If you do the job properly, you will end up with a campervan that is customised to suit all your needs perfectly, at a fraction of the price you would pay for one built in a factory.

Great options – as a self-builder, your options are unlimited. You get to choose your base vehicle, the layout of the interior, storage, as well as the appliances and gadgets you would like to include. You can work at your own pace and spend as much as you can afford on the parts you need, whether brand new from a dealer or second-hand from a scrap yard, both of which are readily available.

Self-satisfaction and pride – simply buying a ready-built campervan will never give you that same feeling of self-satisfaction and pride you will get when you step back and look at your handiwork! Since it was built to have everything you want and need, it will be a unique, one-of-a-kind vehicle, specially created for you and your family.

The cons

You will need patience and commitment to build your own campervan, as well as the skills and loads of determination to finish the job! You will also need the proper tools, and plan things carefully beforehand so that your campervan works for you as you expect it to.

Still more things to consider:

It is possible to save a lot of money by building your campervan yourself, but if you don’t do it properly, you can run up plenty of unnecessary expenses, especially when it comes to the safety aspects.

For instance, if you don’t know enough about gas and electric installation, then rather spend a bit more and get a professional to do the job for you. Ventilation as well. It is essential that this is done properly around appliances, pipes, and gas bottles because you only get that one chance to drill the holes in the floor of your vehicle for this purpose.

You must also take care when fitting the windows of your campervan. Make sure of your measurements before you start cutting so that you don’t waste any of your hard-earned money!

In conclusion

One thing is certain when you build your own campervan: it will be a fantastic addition to your life in so many ways. To enjoy it to the fullest, choose the best van you can afford, and explore self build campervan insurance here, that will provide all the coverage you need, should you run into problems during your travels.