The Celtic culture went through many transitions since its beginning. Christianity was introduced to the Celts in Ireland during the 4th century, and when this happened, their pagan traditions revering many gods transitioned to Medieval Christian practices. With this change came new valuable symbols of faith and religion. The Celtic cross came to be one of the most powerful symbols in their culture and conveys many different meanings in celtic crosses jewelry.

It Represents Faith

In early Christianity, the Celtic cross represented faith and Irish culture. Also known as the Irish High Cross, the symbol is made up of the Latin cross depicting a halo of light around the intersection that is referred to as the halo of Christ. The cross with a circle of light pre-dated Christianity in Britain and France and came from pagan traditions. It was adopted by Irish missionaries centuries later. The Celtic cross also represented knowledge, strength, and wisdom, which can all be found in faith.

Four Elements Are in the Cross

Because the Celtic cross has four arms intersecting in the cross, this also represents the four elements. Earth, fire, air, and water are the four forces of nature that are the foundation of the world. This is also tied to the knowledge and wisdom of the world because the four elements were taught as an important component of sciences and philosophy. In Celtic pagan culture, the four elements balance each other. The elements were essential to the Celtic druids, all of whom were known as priests and teachers.

The Cross Represents Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul

The Celtic cross is made up of four parts and was also used to represent the mind, body, heart, and soul of men and women. This means that those who looked at the cross were reminded to act with faith in all four aspects. This also represented the four ways of ascension, such as nature, self, wisdom, and a higher being. Each arm of the cross can also be a branch of higher understanding and divine wisdom. The center of the cross connects the four elements and also depicts unity. Because it brings together many elements, it can also represent the symbolic compass that guides followers through the darkness.

The Center Ring Represents Infinite Love

The halo, also known as the nimbus that surrounds the intersection of the Celtic cross, is depicted as an unbreakable ring. Originally, the pagan Celts worshipped the sun. The Christian cross incorporated the circle to represent a ring of light. This allowed the sun to be associated with the Christian cross so it could be treated as the same thing. The ring of light around the cross also represents infinite and divine love coming from a higher being, illuminating the cross. The same ring is shown behind distinguished members of the church, such as saints. Because the cross represents Jesus’s sacrifice, it also represents eternal faith and the infinite love of God. Since the ring’s diameter is equidistant from the center of the cross, it symbolizes the desire to grow and learn. People expand and experience more and unravel new mysteries as they go through life.

Exploring The Meaning of The Celtic Cross

Celtic crosses have varied deep and philosophical meanings that provide encouragement for many going through the struggles of life. Wearing a Celtic cross can be a sign of faith, as it represents many underlying aspects of religion and spirituality.