We live in a society that money doesn’t grow on trees. The economic crisis is one of the major factors why consumers should be vigilant on their expenses in order to survive the daily struggles of life. As consumers, we want to ensure that we are buying the best products available in the market. People nowadays are classified into two categories when it comes to purchasing items, impulsive buyer and practical buyer. The bridge between buying what they need or buying what they want. Indeed, it is a bit of a challenge, especially in the digital age, where products are advertised in different kinds of platforms and with just one click, you’ll be able to purchase something. In order to break the habit of buying impulsively, Consumers should consider looking into many aspects like reusability, allure, and usage, before buying a product. In the long run, a wise purchase will help you financially.

Here are some things consumers look for when purchasing products.


No one wants to buy a product that has a one time use. This will continue to add expenses to their lives as they must constantly keep rebuying them while also buying them in bulk. If a customer sees that the product they are buying does not have a long shelf life or has limited uses, they will look towards more long term solutions to meet their needs. This also means that customers will look for products that are of higher quality because, naturally, higher quality products last longer than those with lower quality. According to ConsumerFiles.com, the experts say that a reusable is one of those buzzwords customers make when they are comparing objects. Even if the one product is more expensive, if it is reusable, they will often go for it. Don’t be left behind with old one time use products, make sure it has multiple uses to keep your customers buying them.

Product Allure

When faced with thousands of the same product but with slight differences, the customer will often be confused and unsure which product to purchase. Their brain, however, will gravitate them towards flashier and sleeker boxes. By making a product stand out, a customer will notice it that much faster and be that much more inclined to pick it up and read about it. It does not matter how great your actual product is, if it is not marketed in a way that is effective and grabs the attention of buyers, it will be left on the shelves. What makes a product stand out? Color schemes and bold colours play a huge role in this. Black can create a professional look, while a strong red colour can bring all the attention towards the box. These colours also synergize very well and create a modern look that society can perceive as “cool”. The allure of the product is just as important as its uses and reusability. Don’t slack on a good design.


How many times have you gone to the store, seen a cool product, purchased it, and then found you’ve never used it? That is an example of an irrational purchase because you did not need the item but decided to purchase it anyway. When deciding what to buy, consider all the uses that it will have in your life, and if it is really necessary. Some objects might have a ton of uses in your life but are not worth purchasing because you already have something that does the same thing. Some items are essential and therefore you will be forced to purchase regardless, but other products that are considered luxuries must be looked at and analyzed to see if you really need them in your life. If you find yourself buying coffee every morning at the local coffee shop, buying a coffee maker would be a smart product due to its uses, however, if you are not a coffee drinker, it would be a waste. Consumers always look for use in their products, and make sure whatever you choose to buy yourself will have a use.

Consumers will look for plenty of things in their products to purchase. From getting the best value, to relevant uses, to seeing past reviews of the product, buyers will want to ensure they are not getting ripped off. If a product you are looking at fills out all of these items, it is generally a good sign that the product would fit well in your life. What will you look to purchase?