If a creditor doesn’t get paid, they can look into getting a County Court Judgement (CCJ) that the court issues. A CCJ can be levelled against a person or a company.

Getting a CCJ can be a big problem if it’s not dealt with quickly and effectively. You need to get the judgement removed from your credit rating or the rating of your company quickly. If you don’t get it taken off, it can cause you problems in the future when looking for a job or trying to borrow money. Here, you’re going to learn more about removing a CCJ.

Get The CCJ Paid For Within A Month

A CCJ will show up in credit records a few days after the judgement is made but if you get everything paid off completely within a month’s time, you’re going to be able to remove the judgement from your name. You need to make the court aware of what’s going on because when you pay it off they can act as if no judgement was made. It’s important for the creditor to let the court know what’s going on in the way of payments because if nobody indicates this was dealt with, the CCJ won’t go away. One way to deal with this is to contact the creditor right away if everything is paid so you can ask them to contact the court or you can just deal with it on your own if you’re willing to get a “proof of payment” which is not too expensive.

If you get the CCJ paid at a later time, it’s possible to get a certificate of satisfaction which shows that the CCJ has been dealt with through the public register even if it wasn’t on time. However, even if the debt is settled it won’t remove the CCJ which stays on your credit record. But, it will show that it’s dealt with so it’s a little easier to get credit. If CCJs say they’re not satisfied with your credit record, that can make it very hard to get help with anything related to your credit.

Waiting Six Years To Remove A CCJ

When you look at when the CCJ will be removed without paying it, you have to wait six years for it to automatically be dealt with. If you don’t want to have to pay anything, then you’re going to have to wait six years. While this may sound like a good way to deal with it, you’re going to have to think of whether you want bad credit for a whole six years or not.

Get The CCJ Dealt With In Another Way

If you have a CCJ that’s a default judgement then the defendant can choose not to acknowledge or defend it which means it can be set aside. If you’re going to ignore a claim and not attend your hearing, that doesn’t mean that you can get a default judgement. You may be able to set everything aside if there is a reason for the court not to follow through, like if your claim form wasn’t sent to the right person. If you have a good reason to not go to a hearing, the court may just let you get out of it. This will get the CCJ taken off of the public register so it doesn’t cause you any problems. Work with the court quickly if you want to go this route so you can deal with the issue head on.

Why You Should Work On Removing A CCJ

When you don’t work on the CCJ it can cause a winding-up type of position to be ordered if the debt is above £750. If you have a winding up petition, it can cause a bank account to get frozen while hurting your reputation. If this happens to you, it’s good to speak with our advisers because they can help you learn what your options are to save your reputation and/or your company.