Weekends are supposed to be full of fun and unforgettable activities. It’s a time when you get to forget about office work, class assignments and the typical daily activities that you are used to during weekdays. Thus, getting a chance to focus on yourself and things that can benefit you mentally and physically.

Maybe you are used to the normal weekend getaways, dinner in fine restaurants, a night out or even a barbeque evening with a group of friends but you now feel its time you did something extraordinary. Fortunately, thanks to technology and innovation, the opportunities are limitless.

If you are a thrill-seeker looking for unique and adrenaline-fuelled activities to engage in this weekend, this post shares amazing activities you can engage in whether you are fully committed to adrenaline activities or just want to give it a try and see how it goes. Check them out and start experiencing what you have probably been missing all this while.

Fantastic activities for adrenaline seekers


If you haven’t done it already, then you are missing a lot. Skydiving is an incredible experience that’s likely to stay with you forever with no regrets whatsoever. It is an experience beyond any other and you need to experience it in-person to know how it really feels.

If it’s your first time, make sure you keenly listen to your tandem skydive briefing. Although an instructor will be there with you and will be responsible for the parachuting equipment, you will also have a role to play. That’s why it’s important to know what will be expected from you prior to the activity.

Also, wear comfortable clothing, you need to be relaxed and up to the task. But don’t panic, you will still breath during the skydive and have a good time. Lastly, remember to invest in a photography and video package for your skydive. Although it’s difficult to explain how the feeling is like, the camera can clearly capture the look on your face during your jump. For sure, you need to see that image for years to come. It’s worth a million words.

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting is a fun outdoor activity worth satisfying the curiosity of any thrill-seeker out there. This popular sport can be enjoyed by folks of all ages. You can even make it a family affair. With just a few safety tips, rafting can be lots of fun. To make sure your experience goes well and turns out to be the best thing you have done for a long time, make sure you have an idea of what to expect and how best you should be prepared.

Listening to your guide is the best thing you can do. These are people specifically trained to take care of you when rafting. Take heed of their instructions to avoid falling into the river. You are not there to swim. Make sure you dress appropriately for the activity ahead. A wetsuit on a cooler day would be great. Otherwise, a swim trunk, a pair of athletic shorts or a non-cotton shirt will be perfect. Always keep in mind that your safety is paramount. You must have your helmet and a life jacket with you all the time.

Horse racing

Horse racing is an amazing outdoor activity you should consider taking part when you want to do something extraordinary. Horse racing has been in existence since ancient time with evidence dating back to 700BC when Ancient Greek enjoyed the sport as a pastime. The sport’s popularity continues to grow and it continues to be among the most-watched and gambled upon sports both in the UK and Ireland.

Horse racing is divided into two distinct categories, that is, flat racing and national hunt. Flat racing is the simplest between them. Horses line up and begin to run either round a curved track or a straight line. The winner is the first to finish past the post. The other one is the National Hunt which is further divided into two categories, the steeplechases and hurdles. In both races, there must be obstacles to be negotiated along the way but horses running in steeplechase must run on areas with water jumps and open ditches just to add more excitement to both the rider and the viewers. And while you don’t compete yourself in those races, you can challenge your luck. You can bet on horse races on TonyBet or directly at the race track as betting is something they always allow at the races. The excitement will pump up your heart, for sure

Dinner in the sky

Forget about all those times you have enjoyed dinner in luxurious restaurants, dining in the sky is an experience out of this world. It’s an experience like no other. While the experience of dangling from a crane about 35 meters above the ground is not a very relaxing experience even to people who are not afraid of heights, this is a unique experience you need to enjoy even if it’s just once for a lifetime. Plus, it won’t last forever, within an hour and a half you will be back to the ground with a great story to tell.

When you finally go for your dinner in the sky, make sure you enjoy the meals. Don’t concentrate so much about your safety and forget the food, they are quite delicious. Your host has considered all the necessary safety precautions, you have nothing to fear. And by the way, don’t think of peeing when you are up there although this will be explained to you before the experience. So, make sure you relieve yourself and get ready to enjoy both the unique experience and the delicious meals.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a fantastic recreational activity every adrenaline seeker should try. It involves head-first jumping from a tall structure such as a bridge, a crane, a building or even a helicopter. Don’t panic, you won’t hit the ground when doing a bungee jump. An elastic cord will be attached to your feet. The impressive thing about bungee jump is that it’s affordable and available in most parts of the world. Besides, it doesn’t require prior training or any equipment to buy. As long as you are 16 years and above you can enjoy this sport to the fullest. You just need to gather enough courage to do it and take some precautionary measures which will be explained to you by the instructor. However, bungee is not recommended to people with injuries, people who are obese, expectant mothers, people with high blood pressure and heart problems because it can have health risks.

Make your weekends memorable

Forget about doing the obvious during the weekends and transform them into special days of the week. Some experiences are best when experienced in person. No amount of words can explain the joy you feel. Sometimes, treat your loved ones with an exceptional experience that will stick with them for a lifetime and celebrate life in style.