Individuals looking for their dream job need to focus on every aspect of the job interview process. While it is essential to have the sought-after qualifications, the impression one makes on the interviewer is also of great importance.

What many people don’t realize at this time is companies now learn all they can about a person before bringing them in for the formal interview. This means they have reviewed social media accounts and possibly spoken with family and friends to learn more about the applicant. The impression they get at this interview is one of the final steps in securing the job, so mistakes cannot be made.

What should one wear to this interview? The best way to determine this is to learn about the company beforehand. See if information about the dress code can be obtained, or pay attention to workers leaving the building. However, this may still leave an applicant with questions. For instance, women often wonder if wearing a maxi dress to a job interview is appropriate. What needs to be considered when answering this question?

The Office

If applying for a job at an office, consider pairing the maxi dress with a cardigan or a fitted blazer. The covering helps to present a more formal picture and can be of great help in presenting the appropriate image for the workplace. One benefit of wearing this type of dress to an interview or work is the outfit doesn’t need to be changed upon leaving. The woman can remove the jacket or cardigan and go about her day with ease. Visit to see the many maxi dresses available and find one suitable for this purpose.


Wearing a maxi dress to a job interview for a retail position is a wise move if the right dress is selected. When applying at a trendy company, make certain the dress reflects the image the retailer is trying to present. If you are looking to obtain a job at a more conservative company, such as a woman’s dress shop, be sure to look at the maxi dresses offered at the shop and find something similar to wear. Other ideas that would be appropriate for this type of setting include a blouse and tailored pants. The accessories selected allow the dress to be worn to multiple interviews at different retailers, so the woman can accomplish more in one day without the need to change her outfit.

Educational Settings

A maxi dress is an excellent way to look professional when applying for a position at an educational facility. It presents the right image while still allowing the applicant to move about freely. Make certain the dress is appropriate for the age of the children attending the school, and don’t overdo it on the accessories or makeup. Allow the outfit to speak for itself, as the goal is to educate the children on academic subjects, not fashion (unless it is a fashion design school, of course).

Learn about the company before choosing an outfit to wear for a job interview. What works for a law firm won’t be suitable for a company that handles construction materials. With this information, it becomes easier to decide if a maxi dress is a right choice or if another outfit needs to be selected. Until one knows what the company does and what it expects from employees, however, a maxi dress is often a good option.