In a recent survey with 3,500 people, Vision Direct found that almost half (48%) of their customers wear contact lenses seven days a week. Out of this group, only 53% realised that taking a break could improve their eye health.

Although inconvenienced by checkups, the majority of the survey group said they thought eye health check-ups were important. Vision Direct encourages customers to have their eyes tested every year, as recommended by opticians.

Wearing glasses rather than lenses for just one day a week can dramatically reduce the chance of your eyes rejecting contact lenses in the future.

Director of Marketing at Vision Direct, Ashley Mealor, added: “We’re encouraging our customers to wear glasses at least once a week, allowing their eyes to take in oxygen they need and remain healthy for longer.”

Vision Direct is also offering hints and tips on how to buy a new pair of glasses online. The guides offer its customers advice on everything from how to read their prescription to choosing the perfect pair of glasses from the thousands available.

Benefits of visiting the optician:

– You will have an up-to-date prescription and this changes regularly as you get older
– Your optician can catch health conditions early and treat them quicker

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It’s recommended that you visit the optician more frequently as you get older, as regular eye tests are a great way to catch health problems early on. It’s also worth taking children for an eye test once a year, as their vision can change quite frequently.