More and more people are looking for simple ways to change the look of their kitchen with tiles. You can enjoy the classic beauty by reading our ideas for transforming the tiles of the kitchen with originality!

Ways to customize kitchen tiles

The heart of the house, the kitchen, is reinvented every day thanks to clever arrangements. In addition to decorative objects, coatings are also an effective way to transform this living space in the blink of an eye. Focus on three ideas to change the atmosphere of the kitchen through the customization of tiles.

Customize kitchen tiling with paint

What could be more radical to boost the decoration than to change the appearance of the walls thanks to painting? Wall tiles, such as ceramic and porcelain, can be transformed according to your desires with a wide range of colors available on the market. A simple specialized paint is enough to cover this coating to give a new face to kitchen surfaces. First we clean, then we apply and enjoy! Anthracite grey, pinkish beige or peacock blue, all kinds of madness are allowed to transform tiles with a range of modern colors.

The dark shades bring an assertive contemporary spirit, while the light shades offer brightness and softness. Whatever your preference, this makeover ensures a chic and personal refreshment in the kitchen. There is no need to change cupboards and other modules: the new background of your space will highlight furniture and decorative objects.

Customize kitchen tiles with stencils

To personalize the tiling of the kitchen, on the floor as on the wall, one opts for stencils like geometric designs with minimalist shapes and rosettes, to design oneself or to buy ready to use in the trade. For this customization, you need: acetone to degrease and clean the floor and improve the grip of the paint, a special tile primer to apply before painting, your most beautiful stencils, tile paint, a brush, tape and a protective varnish to sublimate and preserve your creation once it’s all over. This bias offers character and charm to the kitchen. For the floor, Victorian Floor Tiles are gorgeous and can add a great look to your kitchen.

Customize the joints of the wall tile

If you are not inspired by the total look, be aware that a change, no matter how small, can be just as effective. Here we pay attention to the tile joints to bring with subtlety, dynamism and originality. We play the color duel card by offering a marked contrast between tiles and joints. Don’t worry, the current joints you lovingly maintain will not be dislodged but simply colored. As with hair, there are dyes specially designed for joints. However, a basic cleaning of the walls is essential before applying it. It is recommended to select a dye that also acts as a sealant to remove this step once the product has dried. In terms of style, the dark colors accentuate the volumes of the tiles, bring depth and an industrial spirit. For light colors, we obtain a softer atmosphere, in a Scandinavian spirit.

Uniting color of the tiles on the kitchen back wall

If you want to use more colors in your kitchen, multicolored tiles on the back of the kitchen are a great way to achieve a consistent look. A kitchen with a mosaic tile mirror helps blend the colors of the wood cabinets. Special tiles on the back of the kitchen can bring a touch of glamor to your kitchen and turn your cooking area into a design showcase. A mosaic tile mirror adds a touch of luxury to the room. It remains neutral enough to blend harmoniously with the soft colors and natural surfaces.

Craftsman style

With so many types of tiles available, it is easy to find just the right look for any home. If you’re thinking about tile mirror ideas, then go beyond the color. Three-dimensional structure is another way to add unique character in the kitchen. In this kitchen, the metal tiles form a simple quilted pattern. If the kitchen front is relatively simple and unadorned, you can easily add more patterns to the back of the kitchen.

Decorative designs

The hand-painted tiles offer many design options. A simple, classic design or vibrant colorful patterns. To save the budget for your kitchen, lay standard tiles on most of the kitchen back wall and then add hand-painted tiles as decorative accents. Four accent tiles above the cooking area create a focal point without overpowering the small space.

Tips for decorating with tile paint

Whenever you are going to paint, try to safeguard the things that are around and you do not want them to be stained. For the rest, it is important to clean the tiles that you are going to paint very well. They must be free of dirt and grease. Once, the work area is well cleaned and everything is ready, start painting! Materials, such as rollers and brushes, must be within easy reach. If you are going to apply a single color, you just have to pass a roll of foam soaked in paint and well wrung out. Apply the color, for the entire surface including the joints. Try to pass the roller, for the joints and not go over with a brush. If you do this last, you run the risk of leaving marks. Display your painted art, with some beautiful border invented or taken from a template. If you are good at drawing, you could make beautiful designs. In this case, if you have to use a brush … yes, try not to detach bristles and the final result does not look good.

How to clean painted tiles in the kitchen

This is a very common concern if you have never used this type of paint. However, there is no problem with the usual cleaning you have. Only, you should keep in mind not to rub too hard. Otherwise, the maintenance of the painted tiles would be the same as that of unpainted tiles. This type of paint is characterized by its resistance to moisture. Although this does not mean that it lasts forever, the truth is that they usually have a high degree of resistance to water or moisture for at least three years!

Important things to keep in mind!

It is essential to have certain things in mind so that the result of transforming small kitchens with tile paint is perfect. First, you have to buy a painting that is specifically for this type of work. Do not use other different glazes, as they can be wonderful but they will not be the same. Another thing to keep in mind is not to apply silicone on this type of paint. You never have to put this product, because it will make the painting stand up. Although, silicone is necessary to prevent leaks and humidity, in some areas of the kitchen such as the pile. One way to add it without lifting the paint is by first adding the silicone and then painting reverse the process! If you want to have an impeccable finish and a single color, also paint the boards and get rid of the marks caused by the brush. Then you will have the opportunity to apply a color to them, with a specific product for them. Yes, wait until the paint has dried. Finally, keep in mind that this painting is durable and you can keep it as you would keep another type of unpainted tiles. But, like everything, with the passage of time it will be necessary to paint again. When you see that it begins to rise or lose color, it may be time to apply the same or another color again.