There are several considerations to make when you are looking for a job, and one of those that many people look for is if that particular company seems to be worried about employee happiness. No one wants to work for a company that could care less if their employees are happy. In doing so, you can almost guarantee that after the newness wears off, you may be unhappy and ready to find a new job. Or, you stick with it and end up miserable in a position that you could have found elsewhere.

There are several red flags and tips that you can use to make sure that when you interview for a company or you are researching it that will showcase whether the company is concerned about employee happiness. Most importantly, remember that companies should want to keep their employees happy as this means they are looking for those who are going to stay with them long term!

1. Does the company have a high turnover rate?

Do you notice that the company is advertising for tons of positions? Unless this is a new company, this may indicate that they have a high turnover rate. Why did people leave these positions? This is important to ask. While interviewing you can ask why the previous person who had this position left. If they were simply sent to a new, better position, then you can feel positive about the fact that the company does promote. However, if the interviewer does not have a concrete answer for why the person left, it may mean doing a bit more research.

2. What are the reviews on the company?

There are several websites devoted to employees who can rate the company that they are working for or have worked with in the past. What are the reviews like on these websites? While you need to make room for those who may simply be upset with the company and taking it out on them, consider whether most reviews are negative. And if they are negative, what are the reasons that past employees are giving for this negative feedback?

3. Talk to someone who has been with the company or is still in the company

One of the best ways to tell if a company truly wants their employees happy is to talk to those who work for the company or who have worked with them in the past. Remember not everyone often has a great experience with a company. However, if you find that the majority of people you talk to seem to say it’s a job and there is nothing more to it. This could signal that many people are not happy with where they are at, yet they are too timid or scared to leave their position.

4. How engaged are employees with one another?

Does the company utilize employee engagement software? Digital Transformation is more than just a marketing buzzword. Programs and software can make a huge difference in how employees interact, structure their work and communicate.

Are employees encouraged to speak up during meetings? Are employees heard? If you find that the answer is no, then this could signal that there is a bigger problem within the company.

5. What does your gut tell you when you go in for the company interview?

Listen to your gut! If you feel like the company is just looking for another number to fill the spot, and they could care less where you went to school or what you have done in the past, then chances are they are not going to care too much about your happiness. Many people who go into an interview listen to the gut feeling they get before accepting a position. If you have any hesitations, examine this and find out if you are right to be hesitant in accepting the position.