Everyone is looking to save on groceries, however small. So, hunting for discounts is not a new thing. Luckily, there are several sites that guarantee such offers. One of them happens to be Thrive Market. It’s a membership platform that allows you to enjoy discounts on grocery.

To a majority of people, paying for a membership sounds like a crazy thing since all they want to do is save. Though this might be true, it’s a smart strategy when it comes to Thrive Market. The store allows you to enjoy a 20-25% discount off on items that you order after paying a membership fee of $60. You can enjoy the discounts an entire year. But this is not the only way to save. You can also use coupons. Here are 5 ways to use them:

Grab the First Coupon

So many people are too hesitant to use a welcome coupon when there’s no reason to. The platform offers you this coupon during the 30-day free membership trial period and you get to enjoy 15% off your first order. This is an order that really makes sense if you are really looking for a way to make any kind of saving. If you order in bulk, you are likely to enjoy a crazy discount. You can even use the Thrive Market coupon to buy something that you may need at a later date.

Watch Out for the Second Coupon

Once you have made your first order and claimed the 15% discount, the coupons don’t stop there. On your second order, you shouldn’t be quick to check out as they normally send a second coupon. However, it allows you 10% off your purchase. Like the first coupon, the second one can be used within the free membership trial period. The secret is not to be in a hurry of abandoning your cart.

Target Free Shipping

Thrive Market usually offer you free shipping when your order exceeds $49. Simply put, you should target to spend at least $50 so as your order can be shipped free of charge to your doorstep. This may mean that you have to wait to make purchases in bulk so as to reach the minimum purchase threshold.

Make Bulk Orders

You already know that Thrive Market offers you free shipping once your order exceeds $49. However, what you probably don’t know is that they offer free gift coupons for orders exceeding $59. So, sometimes it makes sense to not only target free shipping but the free gift too.

Visit Coupon Sites

After you have exhausted your welcome and second coupon, you shouldn’t check out at Thrive Market or give up on your orders. Just go to coupon sites and check out the Thrive Market section. The section is dedicated to coupons that people don’t use. You are likely to find a number of them.

Thrive Market is generally a great retail store for groceries. If you are looking to save on food and other household supplies, the site is worth considering. There’s a bonus point: you can use coupons to increase your discount margin. The above tips will help you with that.