If we want to limit the damage done to our planet, we should try to change our habits. If only one person tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible, then it wouldn’t change much. If we manage to inspire others, though, then the effects might be more noticeable. If you want to save electricity, at work, you should:

  • Turn off the appliances you are not using. If you are going home, and there’s no need to keep your computer on throughout the night, then you should remember to turn it off. Going out for a break? Use a standby mode.
  • Save the trees! It is no longer necessary to print out every essential document. You could stick to the digital copy instead, and print only on rare occasions. The technology makes it easier to share various files via the internet, which means that sticking to the eco-friendly option shouldn’t be that hard.
  • Turn off the lights! It is especially common in old offices that the lights are a far cry from the modern, eco-friendly ones. Ideally, you could talk to your manager to buy energy-saving light bulbs, which, according to the experts at Texas Electricity wouldn’t hurt the environment as much, but which would also decrease the electricity bill. Alternatively, if your boss won’t accept your suggestion, then at least try to switch the light off every time you leave your workstation.
  • Avoid using the elevator! If you decide to use stairs instead, you will save energy, while also strengthening your posterior chain. Most likely you spend long hours sitting in front of the computer screen, which is why every bit of physical activity is crucial.

If other employees start following your suit, your actions will have an observable positive impact on the environment. To learn more about ways to save electricity, check out this infographic, provided by Texas Electricity Ratings.

vampire energy infographic