Is it possible to make your lounge into a space to call home? Can that lounge be redesigned or moderately altered to feel comfortable and more like home? Yes, it is possible to change a nondescript, unwelcoming lounge into a room the whole family wants to spend time in. There are 5 ways to accomplish this.

5 Ways to Make a Lounge Feel More Like Home

There are more than 5 ways to improve a living room, but starting with the 5 most important ideas is a great start.

  1. Start with the walls, ceiling, and floor. Paint the walls a soft neutral color or two. A warm color will help make the room feel more welcoming. Paint the walls one color and the woodwork a lighter color. The ceiling could be painted white with a little of the wall color added. Don’t waste the newly painted walls, hang artwork or groups of family photos on walls. Use one wall for a bookcase, shelves or other attractive storage. If the floors have worn carpet, or other flooring, replace it with wood flooring or new carpet in a warm, natural color. Add area rugs to hard surface flooring to warm them up and define separate spaces.
  2. Decide which furniture can be kept and which needs to be replaced. Sofas in good condition can be made to look new again with slip covers and new accent pillows. Change the arrangement of furniture to be in seating groups, reading or game areas, and so on. Create comfortable traffic patterns and use furniture that is the correct scale for the room. Layer materials and patterns on furniture.
  3. Consider adding a fireplace if there is not one in the room. There are fireplaces that are electric or gas and can be hung on a wall to add the feeling of warmth and comfort in the winter or cool nights. Start by looking here for ideas. There are wall-mounted fireplaces with realistic-looking logs and gas fire. There are also models that are freestanding and vent out the ceiling. They provide heat and beauty to a lounge area.
  4. Light up the room with recessed ceiling lights, table lamps for task lighting, and ambient light from windows. Get rid of heavy drapery treatments and replace them with semi-sheer drapery panels that let light in but still provide privacy. Window blinds that lift out of the way or have veins that open to let in light can also work. The window treatments should blend with the wall color. Make sure there is good light to read by and for other activities.
  5. A cluttered room doesn’t feel comfortable, so declutter and organize the objects in the room with attractive storage pieces. One wall could hold a bookcase with a few cabinets to store and display books, magazines, movies, and games. Accent pieces could sit on some of the shelves. Storage boxes and baskets can hold a lot of small items. Only use accent pieces, lamps, and paintings that there is room for and that have meaning to the family.

When a room is redecorated with a warm, welcoming feeling, everyone will enjoy spending time there. But, remember to keep the new room neat and clean to maintain the look. Get rid of clutter every day and ask family members to help maintain the living room look by putting away their belongings every day.