Impressing home buyers should be on your list of goals when you are entering the territory of selling your home. There are a few ways to do this correctly, and by impressing home buyers you increase your chances of selling your home quickly and improving its value, improving your negotiating power, and lessening your closing costs. It comes down to some little things that may not be obvious to every seller, so here are 10 ways you can better impress potential home buyers and not bypass the important details of selling your home.

Communicate quickly and effectively

Nothing is worse to a buyer than a seller who doesn’t communicate quickly or effectively, especially when they are really interested in a property.

If you are able to communicate to an interested buyer exactly what the status of the property is and also reflect in real time what is going on with their offer at any given moment, you are putting yourself way ahead of the game as far as others they are dealing with in the market and will greatly impress them.

Most of the time, buyers are left in the dust, or they feel that way, to wonder what is going on or what the status of their offers are, and any amount of uncertainty that can be eliminated at any stage for a buyer will not only impress them but will make them more likely to move forward and close on your property with you. This element of trust is crucial for a buyer moving forward with a deal.

Tend to the front and back yard

Sometimes these areas of homes become neglected, so taking the time to tend to both the inside and outside of your home will definitely impress a buyer – especially when they first drive up to see it in person.

This is important to show buyers that you understand part of purchasing a home isn’t only about the price (more on this later) but also the bigger experience of the home itself on a day-to-day basis.

Tending to the front and back yard clearly shows your understanding of the full experience of a property and will impress and help attract any buyer interested in purchasing your property.

Keep windows, roof, and appliances up to speed

When a buyer checks a property and is interested, they are going to be checking everything before they make an offer.

The less they have to report in their first offer to you that needs to be fixed in order to move forward with a deal, the more you will be impressing and attracting them. While the big picture mentioned above experience-wise is very important to keep in mind, sometimes a lot of sellers will forego paying attention to appliances, roofs, windows, shower rods, showerheads, toilets, and making sure all of these things are in tip-top shape.

The less the buyer has on their con’s list, the better, and most of the time, the first things to hit the con’s list for a buyer are appliances or missing appliances.

Address any issues in their first offer quickly

If there are appliance or hardware issues in their offer, address their concerns quickly. If you don’t, a buyer is not only not going to be impressed but may end up moving on to a different property entirely.

Addressing these issues shows you are taking responsibility for their concerns in a way that again builds trust. This is an opportunity to impress them with your ability to address their needs in a manner that is quick and effective and will immediately lend itself to helping you out in your negotiation stage a little further down the line.

Be clear about what documents they need to provide

Every buyer interested in property has to provide necessary documents to show they are able to pay for what they are looking to buy.

Being clear about what they need to provide to you as a seller will lend itself to a lot of points in a buyers’ eyes and certainly impress them. A lot of sellers in real estate are essentially MIA at this stage and things may start to slow down. This can be incredibly stressful for a buyer, and if you show you care about alleviating some of that stress, you will definitely stand out as a seller and impress a buyer immediately and effectively.

Make viewing your property easy and fast

When they are ready to view your property, make it easy and fast for them to do so. Don’t make them jump through hoops, cancel on them, or reschedule a million times.

This is not only impressive but smart, because again, the less a buyer can trust you the less likely they are going to be impressed or even move forward with your property at all.

Be accurate with your MLS listing

If your property is not available anymore, don’t leave it up on the MLS. This is really important. You don’t want to end up attracting buyers that could be looking at other properties entirely. Even if you have other properties available, a buyer who sees that you weren’t able to update the MLS accurately and quickly enough will most likely move on to a different owner or seller pretty quickly after the rug is pulled out from under them once.

Show potential engagement in the community or neighborhood

Part of impressing potential home buyers has a lot to do with showing the level of engagement your home has within the community or neighborhood that it’s located in. Some ways to show your home’s location relative to potential engagement in the community or neighborhood could be making a potential buyer aware of how the specific address of the home you’re selling automatically includes it in various neighborhood associations or groups. Usually, this is something that homeowners who are already active in the neighborhood know about, but if that is you, relaying this information readily is a great way to impress and entice a potential home buyer.

If you haven’t been active in your neighborhood up to this point, a good resource to tap into and receive this information is Nextdoor. If you live in Key West, for instance, you can use this app by location, verify your address, and immediately be able to access all neighborhood and community information. Many people on this app will readily supply you with the information you need regarding how your home’s location fits in with various neighborhood and community events and groups.

Highlight value

Highlighting value is all about experiences, and how your home offers experiences for potential buyers that they can’t find in another home currently on the market for a similar price.

Experiences are dependent on physical things to some degree, but it really comes down to the details. The other home on the market priced similar to yours may certainly have a kitchen, a washer/dryer, two bathrooms, just like yours – but the details of those things are what make the experience that creates value (or not).

Whatever value your home has is going to come down to the experiences available to a potential buyer while they are doing day to day things within your home.

Find what these valuable experiences in your home are (which shouldn’t be too difficult, as you have lived there and know it well) and highlight them as much as possible.

Offer refreshments at your open house

This is a quick little tip that goes a long way. A good way to impress potential home buyers is to offer refreshments at your open house (and a little candy bowl by the door).

Offer finger foods that carry well and aren’t sticky, as well as easy refreshments. Cookies (that aren’t super crumbly) are a great option, and they offer an added bonus of making your home smell great – which is a plus when you’re inviting potential home buyers in to check things out.

Finding the perfect buyer for your home has a lot to do, first, with being able to impress potential home buyers, stand out from the noise, and garner interest. These 10 ways to better impress home buyers will have you well on your way to finding the perfect buyer for your home. Keep them in mind as you’re on the path towards closing and you may find you’ll be signing on the dotted line faster than you’d think.