The UK is experiencing some of the lowest unemployment rates in decades, and the job market offers more opportunities today than it has for some time. This is especially true in northern cities because some London businesses have moved north for cheaper running costs in the wake of Brexit and ready for the arrival of HS2.

UK residents can easily find new jobs listed in Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Edinburgh and across the UK by doing online searches on portals like Jobrapido. But what if you want to supercharge your career? It might be better to start looking for roles abroad, and here’s why…

Working Outside of the UK Post Brexit

The UK Government has announced a points-based immigration system to replace free movement once the negotiating period finishes, pencilled in for the end of 2020. Although the exact method that UK citizens will be subject to going the other way is not finalised, a similar system will likely apply where UK citizens require a job offer before departing to work in the EU.

The bottom line is that UK citizens will be able to take advantage of many opportunities in the continent, as well as those further afield.

Why Working Abroad Boosts Your Career

There are many reasons to go and work abroad on a personal level, but there is also a professional pull overseas. It is quite possible that working abroad can supercharge your career if you return to the UK in the future. Here are some of the ways that working abroad can fast-track your career:

1. Languages and Cultures Matter

Working abroad means you will likely pick up a new language and new cultural perspectives. These skills and experiences will come in useful on your CV when applying for businesses that work internationally, which is most of the top companies today, thanks to globalisation.

Having a second language and an insight into a culture may make you an ideal candidate for higher positions in charge of communicating with counterpart departments overseas.

2. Expanding Ways of Thinking

It is said that Russia has more than ten common words for the colour blue alone. A new language, as well as living with new peoples allows you to perceive the same problems and activities in a new light. Having your mind opened in this way can harness creativity and innovation – two of the biggest skills that employers are looking for in competitive markets.

3. Highlights Adaptability

The top businesses require professionals that can handle change in their stride and adapt to new environments. This is because the face of many industries is changing fast, especially in technology and finance. By moving abroad to take on a new challenge, candidates for higher positions can easily evidence their ability to face new problems and ace the interview!

Where to Start?

You can start looking for jobs overseas by searching for job sites that are promoting roles internationally, not just the UK. The aforementioned Jobrapido is one of the best, but more sites are available if needed.