Most truck owners know that one of the best parts of owning a utility truck is being able to customize it to exactly how you want it to look. Because the custom truck part industry has experienced such a massive growth period over the past few decades, there are countless ways that you can customize your utility truck (even compared to just a few years ago).

While there are literally countless ways that you can customize your truck, the main things you need to consider are your budget as well as what exactly you need customized. Some people might want their trucks customized for optimized performance, whereas others might need to install custom utility truck beds for work purposes.

Whatever your goal is, there are many different avenues you can take to reach it. Below are over four of the most popular truck customizations that you can make. Some of these customizations focus on only one area (e.g. performance), and others focus on multiple areas (e.g. performance and design). No matter what your goal is, the following customizations can help you get there.

Upgrading Your Exhaust System

One aspect about exhaust systems that many vehicle owners don’t realize is that they could potentially be slowing down your engine’s performance. We’re referring to stock/factory exhaust systems here, of course. While most stock exhaust systems are great at keeping the noise level of your truck down, they usually do so by hindering your engine’s performance.

One thing about truck owners and you’re probably also in this camp, is that they don’t mind if their engines are a little noisy. If you upgrade your exhaust system, you can increase your performance, have a more direct-sounding engine, and also lower turbulence levels. Lots of truck owners upgrade to what’s referred to as “cat back” exhausts. These are excellent options for optimizing your engine’s performance.

Air Intake Issues

Modern engines require air to properly utilize their fuel source (i.e. diesel or gas). However, engines can’t just use whatever air they want, they need clean, filtered air. If your engine doesn’t have an optimized air intake system, it won’t be able to operate at a high level. Likewise, if it doesn’t get quality, clean, filtered air, it will develop severe performance issues.

The air filters and intake systems that come with stock trucks do fine at delivering the basic needs of an engine, but when you want to upgrade your performance levels, you’re going to need something a bit more custom. Luckily, there are many different types of air intake-related upgrades you can make, and nearly all of them will contribute to at least some type of performance improvement. The most expensive ones will deliver more performance increases.

Custom Bed Storage Solutions

As far as utility trucks are concerned, storage and space are two of the main things that owners need to worry about. Because these types of trucks are almost always used for work-related purposes, there needs to be an abundance of both space as well as storage in order to adequately meet the needs of the owner.

Using a custom utility bed storage system can provide you with the storage solution that you need to get your work done more efficiently. These systems can be completely customized, and in many cases are modular (meaning they can be changed/switched once installed). There are many different makers of these types of storage systems, with lots of different customization and add-on options.

Upgrading Your Truck’s Lighting System

One of the most underutilized upgrades that most truck owners don’t even think twice about are lights. Your truck’s lighting system is incredibly important, yet you probably haven’t even given them a second thought, right?

Stock lights are good for most areas, but what about those times when you’re on some lonely country road with absolutely zero street lights? Your stock lights won’t hold up to that job, at least not every time. That’s why you should seriously consider upgrading your headlights (and other lights) to aftermarket parts.

Spray-On Liners for Beds

If you use your truck for work, chances are your bed takes a beating every single day. What’s the best way to slow that beating down and protect your truck’s bed? Using a spray-on lining system. These are very cost-effective and can protect your car from numerous years’ worth of damage. Even if you don’t use your truck for work, you should still invest in a spray-on liner for your bed.

Customizing your utility truck should not difficult. However, start with the basics by choosing the right custom truck company partner. By choosing a professional firm that has the experience you save yourself the cost and get more options and features than you initially expected.