Wearing false eyelashes will give you the thicker, fuller, and longer eyelashes that you have always dreamt of. The best part is that you will not have to spend a fortune to get the eyelashes of your dreams. Eyelash extensions have made it possible for you to get the desired lashes. If looking for a unique look that is not available in regular eyelash extensions, you can also choose to customize them.

You can customize your extensions according to the type of curl, length and volume you want. You can also get them manufactured in multiple material options, including silk, synthetic, mink, and sable. If looking for high-quality, custom lashes, you can choose to get one from Starseed custom lash. They are one of the best custom eyelash manufacturers and have various options available for you to choose from. Moreover, these eyelashes have an easy eyelash application process.

With overwhelming options available, you may get confused about which one to choose. To help you with your choice, we have formulated this article for you. In this article, we have explained the different types of eyelashes available so that you can make an informed choice.

Types Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash companies have only the basic ones available, and if you need something beyond that, we recommend getting it custom-made from your eyelash supplier. Below mentioned are a few custom eyelash extension options that you can consider getting for yourself.

  • Cat Eyelash Extension: These extensions have thick volume and are arched at the corners of the eyes. You can trust them to give an exotic shape to your eyes.
  • Coloured Eyelash Extension: To add a little drama to your eyes, you can opt for this extension.
  • Doll Eyelash Extension: These extensions are the ones in which the longest lashes are placed at the middle of the eyelid so that the eyes appear bigger than usual.
  • Natural Looking Eyelash Extension: These eyelash extensions are made to follow your natural lash line. The best part is that they add length to your original lashes without altering their originality.
  • Glam Eyelash Extension: The glam eyelash extensions are bolder than the general lashes. They add a glam look to your eyes. Such eyelashes work best for some special occasions that include weddings, holidays, and wedding parties.

Types Of Curls

You can categorize several available eyelashes based on the type of curl they have. For instance, if individuals are looking for lashes that give them a more natural look, they should go for the J curls.

On the contrary, if looking to add a bit more glamour, B curls are the best. Additionally, C curls are the best for adding volume, length, and extra curls, and the CC curls are great for achieving a subtle yet dramatic look. The D curls offer the appearance of a Doll, and the L curls work best for individuals who have hooded eyes.

Custom Eyelashes According to the Shape of Eye

The shape of your eyes helps in determining what type of eyelash would suit you best. Let us know a few available options based on the type of eyes you have.

  • Close-set eyes: Women who have close-set eyes should emphasize more on the corners of their eyes. The best way of doing that is using the cat eyelash extension.
  • Downturned eyes: Women who have downturned eyes will look the best in glam eyelash extensions.
  • Almond-shaped eyes: Women who have almond-shaped eyes are blessed with the best kind of eyes. They can wear just any type of extension and look great.
  • Wide-set eyes: Women who have a wide set of eyes can wear almost all kinds of eyelash extensions. However, cat-style eyelashes are not for them.

Tips for Using Custom Eyelashes

If you are not a pro in using fake lash extensions, we share a few tips to ensure that you have the best experience.

  • Ensure to buy an eyelash glue that dries quickly and appears clear. The color of the glue should not be visible.
  • If the strip of the lashes is too long, it will be a good idea to trim down the lashes so that it fits your lid perfectly well. Keep in mind that you always cut the strip off from the outer corner.
  • For best results, we recommend always using high-quality lash glue to get the desired look.
  • Several types of glue available for the lashes come with a brush like an applicator. If your glue doesn’t have an applicator, you can choose to use a pointy and very thin brush to apply the glue carefully to your false lashes. This way, you will have better control over the lashes.
  • If you want to add a splash of color to your usual lashes, you can choose to use colorful mascara to get the job done. You can also brush some lash primer onto it and then gently apply some loose pigment powder for the color to settle.

Keep in mind that you should not use the custom-made eyelashes more than 2-3 times. Since the mascara and powder used may cause the lashes to dry out and lose their originality. Also, when using the regular extensions, you should not use them for more than 5-8 times. If used for a longer period, there are chances that the lashes will start falling and lose elasticity as well. Clean and reuse lashes for best results. You may also develop an infection by using the same pair several times. Also, make sure to buy lashes only from certified sellers.


At times, finding those perfect pairs of false lashes for you is as difficult as finding a small needle in the haystack. With so many options available, you may seem confused. However, it would help if you always chose to buy from the best. Also, know that custom lashes are often more expensive than plain ones. For your special occasions, you can choose to get them customized according to your likings.