These are especially trying times if you are a business owner trying to stay connected with your staff. Morale can take a hit in many different ways; a well-liked team member moving on, a change in management, or even becoming stagnant as a unit. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your team’s spirit, and you can read on to find them.

Make Sure To Praise A Good Job

When it comes to managing a group of people it can be easy to use disciplinary meetings and progress reports to outline everything a staff member is doing wrong. However, this can have a negative knock-on effect if someone feels they are receiving constant criticism, no matter how constructive. A good way to keep spirits high is to make sure you are actively praising every member of your team for a job well done. It’s a simple thing to do but one that can be forgotten about when things aren’t going well.

Don’t Be Afraid To Discipline Staff Members

Just because you are making the effort to praise staff doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be firm and honest with them when an issue needs to be discussed. Having the fortitude to have frank and blunt conversations with your team when needed builds your credibility in the workplace. Make sure you have an outline of what needs addressing and come prepared with a plan to help the staff member in question progress from the issue better equipped to do their job. This builds a good working relationship with people who see that you are willing to help them improve as well as your business.

Incentivize The Team With Bulk Backpacks

One great and inventive way to reward and inspire your team is to use a wholesaler. Catering for any size of team with rewards can become expensive to your overheads, so using a wholesale company like Bags In Bulk is an excellent way to make sure your team is inside and all pulling together. Matching apparel they can use for work also creates more of a team environment, and bulk backpacks will come at a lower cost than full retail.

Keep In Touch With Social Events

If you have a close-knit team that is starting to feel a little rundown in the workplace then consider a team-building exercise every month to build your relationships outside the working day. Use social media to its fullest potential; there are a lot of fun apps that you can run video chats and games through while everyone is in the comfort of their own homes. If your team all live close enough then a group outing to a bowling alley or paintballing is a fun way to get some healthy competition going. Just make sure they all bring their backpacks!

With a few small changes implemented regularly, you can give your team that morale boost you need, and help them to enjoy their place of work again. You’ll find they work harder for you and productivity goes up.