You may not always spend as much time as you want, and you may find yourself overlooking this part of your home, but the backyard is just as important as the other parts of your home. A beautiful backyard makes for perfectly chill brunches and evenings, and even if you don’t get to host as often, you could transform your backyard into a beautiful nook for you to disappear to. You could make your backyard your little ‘away from home’ spot, especially when you need to escape your reality for a few moments – we all need little escapes, and they don’t have to be places we spend money on. Don’t forget that a beautiful backyard could increase the value of your home significantly if you ever sell.

Here are some simple ways you could beautify your backyard.

1. Add some plants

Herbs and vegetables need a place in every home, and the backyard is the best place for them to thrive. You could use herbs such as the variegated and the partial mint as edging for borders and the flower/ vegetable beds. Integrating herbs with vegetables or any other plants is a great way of ensuring that you keep the backyard beautiful while saving on groceries.

Speaking of herbs, make it a point to grow some fragrant herbs in containers or the window boxes. You could place these herbs by the kitchen door or even next to the grill.

2. Grand Entrances, anyone?

How about a superb entryway into the backyard to usher in your guests of even you? You could create concrete steps to create that unique but leading entryway and have greens on each side of the steps. The best plants for the entryways are the evergreens since you don’t want to deal with de-leafed plants on the entryways. Ensure that the trees at the entryway are tall and big enough to define the entrance, make a statement, and for the kids to play hide-and-seek. Engage a masonry sealer to ensure that the stone and the concrete areas look their best. If you have a wood deck you can use a wood brightener to make sure it looks it’s best!

3. Texturize playfully

You could enhance the beauty of your backyard by keenly incorporating features that add color and texture. Play with different textures for the foliage and also look for plants that come with different brightly colored foliage. You could also add texture by using shrubs and trees in plant pots. While we are used to having smaller plants and flowers in pots, but plant pots are very versatile when used in gardens, and you could use them for different trees and shrubs. These would create a very bold impact, and the best bit is that you could add smaller plants at the base of the trees and shrubs for the character.

4. Fun Spot

The backyard is not just about plants and flower pots. You need to incorporate a spot just for fun or hanging out. Get a hammock or a decorative table and chair combo for that inviting look and for chilled teas / coffee / and wine escapes. You want an inviting space, and nothing says you are invited to relax or have fun, better than a beautiful table/ chair surrounded by lush greenery.

5. Create/ Add Height

You could bring some height into the backyard and give the whole space a lift by incorporating high spots using tall concrete columns (classic style), tall and short plants, etc. The pillars always create winning backyards because they create antiquity feel and also add a sense of mystery and surprise.