Hotels are adapting to their business guests’ needs. It’s becoming more common for a hotel to focus on its amenities and travelers’ convenience. As a result, hotels now offer many new amenities for guests to stay productive and connected on the road.

The following is a list of 10 ways hotels continue to change and adapt to business travelers:

1. Advanced Technology

Hotels are embracing new technology to enhance guest service. Many hotels now have mobile apps. With the help of a hotel app, it makes it easier for travelers. It’s essential hotels stay equipped with the latest technology. Thankfully, most hotels are staying current.

2. Eco-Friendly

Hotels now offer special eco-friendly perks for business travelers. They’re more conscious about the energy used in their building. Many focus on implementing environmentally friendly lighting and technology. In guest rooms and common areas, you can see a hotel’s efforts to make things more eco-friendly. Environmental awareness should be a priority as it can harm air quality in any building.

3. Workout Amenities

Many hotels offer guests access to workout facilities such as swimming pools and gyms. Hotel guests can get exercise while staying at the hotel with these amenities. The added benefit is that traveling makes them feel more comfortable, less stressed, and more productive.

Besides workout amenities, hotels often have spa services. Giving their travelers access to a relaxing spa allows them to unwind.

4. Complimentary Amenities

More and more hotels are offering complimentary amenities for their business traveler guests. These amenities include Wi-Fi, print services, and laundry. Business travelers like being connected on the road without spending extra money on Wi-Fi and other services. By a hotel offering complimentary business amenities, they attract more business-focused travelers.

Offering complimentary amenities has other advantages as well. For example, it’s an excellent way for hotels to brand themselves to business travelers.

5. Access to Event Space

Event space is becoming increasingly important to business travelers. Hotels provide this space with both banquet rooms and event spaces. These event spaces get used for events held by business travelers. For example, they may host a holiday party at a select hotel for their employees. Event spaces can also get rented out to outside companies and organizations. A few organizations that may want access are trade shows and conventions.

6. Location Control

Business travelers want to be in the heart of the action. And without a doubt, hotels are now being smart about where to locate their guests. More hotels are moving to prime locations in major cities. So, these cities are becoming more attractive to business travelers.

Hotels with appealing locations for business travelers can benefit significantly from this trend.

7. The Need for Privacy

Hotels are implementing features giving business travelers precisely what they need regarding privacy. The need for confidentiality is ever-growing in social media and work-sensitive documents.

Many hotels have also started implementing security cages. The cages allow business travelers to separate themselves from other guests. This is attractive to business-oriented travelers who desire their own space.

8. The Need for Luxury

Hotels offer luxury amenities that include but are not limited to free room service, high-speed internet access, executive suites, concierge services, and beauty salons. The need for luxury is increasing among business travelers who want more than just a bed and Wi-Fi. The business travel stats show that business travelers prefer more luxurious items. So, hotels should continue to implement luxurious amenities to attract business travelers.

9. Amenities for Families

Hotels also add amenities for families traveling together, whether with kids or pets. For example, many hotels offer pet beds, dog walking services, and dog wash stations. Some hotels also have playgrounds, on-staff babysitters, and more. This forward-thinking is especially important when traveling with children.

10. Entertainment Options

Hotel guests, specifically business travelers, look for ways to unwind during their trip. Hotels have responded by offering guests more dining and entertainment options. Now travelers can enjoy everything from unique international dishes and fine wine to nightclubs and dance floors.


In conclusion, hotels adapt to business travelers by implementing the above mentioned ways. Business travelers have much more to offer hotels. So, it’s up to the hotel staff to adapt and meet those needs.