After having a stressful day, everybody wants to relax at the end of the day by using different ways. Some people meditate, some prefer to sleep, and some drink a beer or a glass of their favorite wine to relax. If you are from the one who use alcohol to relax, did you ever think how severely it affects your health? Pause before taking the next sip and think about it.

Either you drink a glass of wine once a day or once a week; it is unhealthy in every aspect. You might not know that how severely alcohol affects your overall health. It can destroy your organs. There are some signs of alcoholism which you must not ignore. you can get some hint by noticing the behavior of the person, for instance, people experiencing short-term memory loss, extreme mood swings and making excuses for drinking (such as to relax or deal with stress). These are all warning signs of alcoholism. Watch them and get them cured, before it destroys your health.

I have listed some, out of many ways alcohol affects your health. Read on to know the devastating effects of alcoholism.

It disturbs the immune system

Chronic excess alcohol intake can cause abnormalities in the blood, leading to anemia (low hemoglobin) and low platelets. It also restrains the immune system, making the body weak to fight against both viral and bacterial infections. People with binge drinking habit for over a long time are more prone to suffer from infections after surgery, burns, hepatitis C infection, tuberculosis, etc.

It weakens the bones and muscles

Long-term use of alcohol affects the muscles and weakens the bones. Heavy alcohol use inhibits the bone formation and absorption of calcium which leads to osteoporosis (thinning of bones). Heavy alcohol intake also lead to painful conditions like osteonecrosis (when bone tissue dies) and gout (kind of arthritis or inflammation of the joints).

It affects your mental health

Many people drink to overcome their psychological distress, while some people distress their mental health with excess alcoholism. The relationship between mental health and use of alcohol is quite complicated. People with mental illness are more prone to alcoholism than those without. Alcohol abuse is mostly associated with people who are depressed, and this sometimes leads to suicide, self-harm and poor outcomes. It is recommended to consult with the health professionals about the mental health conditions and alcohol use to treat the illness. Moreover, take specific healing therapies; it will work well in the treatment of depression. Yoga can help a lot in healing the mind. Nobody can contradict the universal healing power of yoga. Adding yoga to the treatment procedure will be a bonus.

Affects the nervous system

When you continually drink, more alcohol enters in your brain; it affects the concentration, slows your reaction time, and impairs your vision and alertness. Alcohol abuse can affect several parts of the brain. It contracts brain tissues, disturbs the central nervous system and destroys brain cells. Extreme drinking over prolonged periods can lead to serious problems with memory and cognition. Alcohol interacts with the brain receptors, interfere the communication between nerve cells, and suppress excitatory nerve pathway activity.

Effect on the heart and blood pressure

Excess drinking increases the risk of death from heart failure, artery disease, and a disease of the heart muscle and irregular heartbeats. Heavy alcohol intake has also a connection with high blood pressure, particularly in men. Taking more than two or three drinks a day on average can increases the blood pressure and restriction of alcohol lowers it. Many people find it difficult to limit the intake of alcohol and excessive drinking will thus lead to heart disease.

“Health is wealth” you must have listen this proverb, so take care of your health and if you are an alcohol addict, try to get away from this chronic addiction.

Say no to alcohol!