According to experts, there are 100 species of bugs living under your roof right now. They seek the same things that you need like shelter, food and water. They breathe the same air and walk the space as you do. Unfortunately, they are there to take your resources, bring diseases and damage your home.

What should you do?

1. Clean Up

What better way there is to invite pests into your home than an untidy kitchen? Nothing more!

The moment they sense the food lying around your table left to be eaten by anyone, or any bug, they’ll attack.

Food is what keeps them alive and it is also what keeps them coming back for more. This explains how you must control their outrage – keep it clean!

Keeping the food in tightly secured shelves, cleaning up after eating, sweeping crumbs off the floor and keeping possible breeding grounds clean and less attractive to pests will help you keep them away from pestering you and your family.

Organization is the best counter-attack that you can consider. Have a place for your food stocks and leftovers, like designated cabinets. Tupperware is also a durable storage option that can keep your food safe and clean.

2. Pest Control

This may be the number one solution to a plague of critters. Pest control can solve your problems from rats down to termites. In addition, this can save you from tremendous efforts that you need to exert to keep the pest problem down yourself.

The only thing that you need to do is to make the right choice. Picking the nearest pest control service you can apply for is not the wisest decision you can make. Do some research and look for the best. Applying for pest control services can improve your long-term health, keep your family away from diseases, reduce allergies and gives you better sleep.

3. Seal Up

You may be sending out a big invitation to pests, and you don’t even know it. The smallest cracks on your walls that lead inside your home can be the biggest doors for wandering pests outside.

The root cause of your rat problem may not be the untidiness of your home, but the unnoticeable cracks that surround you and your family.

Seal up!

Check your doors and window screens. If you find any cracks or openings, repair them immediately. This might even give you a little bit more security. Broken window screens do not invite just pests but burglars as well.

4. Dry Up

Water is a very important resource for us and it is also essential to every bug’s survival.

If your home has areas where water sits exposed, there’s a big chance that bugs are benefitting from the free supply.

What’s worse is water can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes which can be dangerous to you and your family’s health.

What can you do?

To avoid unintentionally culturing home-invading pests, you should dry up wet areas in your home. Your garden is the first place you must start.

Watering your plants may be giving way to the accumulation of water at some spots in your garden. You may be filling empty pots while you water your plants and mosquitoes can lay their eggs on the stagnant water.

Pests are also attracted to damp areas in your home, like the basement. This is where silverfishes, cockroaches and earwigs commonly populate. If your home is suffering from silverfish or cockroach infestation, try bringing in a dehumidifier.

5. Get Creative

If nothing else works, it’s time to get creative.

There are actually non-chemical ways to deal with pests. This is a more economical and environmental friendly way of dealing with your pest problems.

Try lemon juice to keep ants away. Anything sour or bitter is a pain for ants. Mixing lemon juice with the water you mop your floor with will definitely keep the ants at bay. One more thing: just keep the sugary foods sealed and unexposed – anything sweet attracts them.

All it takes is a little of your time to research and execute. You never know. The water bag trick for your fly problem might save you from cholera that is bound to happen anytime.


Pest problems can get a lot more tricky if left alone. Once these pests find the best breeding grounds inside your home, you might be spending a lot more dollars the next month or two. Damage to your property is unavoidable once these pesky critters find their way well within your walls.

The only time that you must start pest control methods is now.