With every era, technology has advanced into creating new wonders. We can hardly escape it these days. Of course, we love the conveniences and advantages it offers and we happily make ourselves habitual of it.

Virtual Reality or VR is just another such a technological advancement that intrigues our mind and our senses to a complete new level. We can explore our simulated, created environment through the VR, as though we are living in it, experiencing it and observing it in reality. It creates a 3D moving image which seems to be surrounding the user, giving him the illusion that he is inside the scene or image and can forget about the real environment in which he is matter of fact, standing. In short, it creates an artificial reality for its user. Why I say Virtual Reality is good? Here are 6 blissful applications of Virtual Reality:

VR Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is long awaited and anticipated feature in the gaming world because of its three-dimensional effects and environment. It uses bio-sensing which sense the motion and presence of a player in the 3D space of the game through a sensory glove, suit or sometimes even the body when it moves. It senses and records the movement and let you advance in the game. These movements become actions in the real 3-D environment, created through the VR.

It is a clever software with headset and gadgets and fascinates the players because they themselves can be part of the racing, fighting, or countless other such virtually created environments.

Tourism Enhancement

Virtual reality doesn’t always create an imaginary environment to surround you. It also can simulate the real-world venues and locations. Visiting places or the ability to do so in real life is not possible for everyone. Therefore, VR makes it easier for such people to visit all the various locations of the world and feel to be there, through the magical use of VR.

In touristic context, seeing is believing. When you wish to travel to a new place to experience the beauty of it, and the travel agency shows you what impressive destinations that place has in stored for you, it can make all the difference. It is a revolutionary idea to use VR simulation in the tourism and visiting places, virtually. You can use wearables to be virtually exported to the beautiful scenarios and destinations before going there in person.

Flight Handling

The best way to train a pilot regarding the emergencies that might occur at any time is to have him practice through them. When he may feel himself in living an emergency situation, only then can he practice handling things with cool head and composure. This kind of situation of emergency can only be created through VR flight simulator. To have the pilots practice through the VR has been successful and though it’s expensive, it could be used to train many and thus becomes very cost effective. It can also be used to give lessons on the old and new parts of the aircrafts, and witness failed and successful landing practices of others to learn from their experience.

Practical Marketing

VR will entirely change the concept of marketing in the future. This technology, will give the consumers an out of bound experience of the products. This way of practical marketing can be used by the advertisers who make their commercial to show their consumers their entire sight. Like an advertisement of a school or a new restaurant launching in the city can be done using this Virtual reality. So, the buyer can be influenced by giving him the entire picture of the place.

Helping Disabled

The best way to help a disabled person is to equip him with some skill and the most useful way of using this Virtual Reality and its gadgets, is by teaching or giving a disabled person some training which otherwise involves many issues like their safety, transportation and facilitation. Researchers with empathy are finding innovative ways of helping them.

VR could be used for the crippled patients or disabled persons who can’t move at their own to have an experience of an adventurous surrounding. Or a beautiful immersive environment, giving them the feel that they are exploring these places themselves. The VR headsets could be equipped with extra features for their ease.


Entertainment asks for diversity. The more diverse the technology the better entertainment will be consumed. VR offers the next level of entertainment to its users which has replaced the 2-D entertainment options. These days everything could be enjoyed in VR for entertainment purposes. Be it:

  • Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Funny Vlogs
  • Adult worldwide websites
  • Amusement parks
  • Rides
  • Waterslides
  • Theme parks

And that not because you can feel like being a part of these through the simulations but irreversibly VR becomes more and more popular and is happily dissolving all the older options of entertainment in the main stream. Soon, the gadgets will be less costly and thus will be available in every house.