Seeking for a place to fulfil all your video desires? Well, then you must resort to an application. If you are an Android user then you can find pretty amazing applications that promise a satisfying video world for you.

What type of app would be apt?

Vidmate is the answer to your question. This is a strong, easy to use, and smart and absolutely user friendly application that gives access to plenty of videos that too without any hassle. This application is free of cost and does not demand any top class grasp on technology. The easy to use features of this app make everyone fall in love with this app.

What are the top features of this app?

There are many features that the application has for its users. But again, since you want to go through the top ones for now; have a look below:

Blends with many video platforms

The application gives you an access to watch and download the videos all the popular video platforms. A few of these platforms are like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Dailymotion
  • Vivo
  • Tumblr

In this way you can get all the videos from these platforms at one place. You can search for the video you are looking for and enjoy it right in your application.

Quality is impressive

The quality of application is quite impressive. It gives you only high quality videos to download. The quality of this platform echoes in the way developers have designed it. The developers have made it sure that the users can run the app with ease and without any hassles. The application runs with good speed and matches the top most speed of the internet provider of the user.

Download in all formats

Yes, it is not a joke but reality. The application gives you the ease to download the videos in all the formats you desire. Whether your mobile phone or tablet supports mp4, 3gp, FLV or any other format; you can choose it and get the video in the same format. In this manner you would not have to convert the videos after downloading them so as to run them in the supported format.

The resolution

The resolutions that you get to watch and download the videos in is really amazing. You can get the videos in the highest most resolution. In this way you would not face any type of inconvenience. You can also enjoy HD videos and that too without any additional tasks. If you think that resolutions would not be good then you should try them out yourself and you would be convinced right away.

Smooth and light

The application is smooth in its usage and runs like a ‘knife on butter’ on your device. The application would not trigger any hanging issues or heaviness in your device. You can also update the app from its official website as the developers introduce the new versions from time to time so as to enhance the experience of the users.


Thus, it is the application that your device demands for sure. Give your video watching experience a great boost with this application.