When it comes to velvet, there is no right way to do it. Every year, we see how people evolve with the fall and winter seasons. One thing is for sure: this year is no exception. So, how are people rocking velvet this year? What are the latest and most exciting fashion trends of 2021? Let’s find out!

Latest Velvet Fashion Trends of the Year

We’ve visited the runways. We’ve attended the fashion shows, and it is safe to say we have seen it all. Designers perform some remarkable wonders with velvet, and it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Here are some of the most popular velvet dresses we’ve seen this year.

1. Velvet A-line Dresses

Are you still puzzled about how you can look sleek and chic in velvet fashion? Then you might want to take a look at how these velvet A-line dresses have been rocked on Fall/Winter Runways.

Never has there been a perfect definition for comfort and class as these dresses have managed to embody it. So you can guess that we’ll be seeing more of them from the general public in the winter months. There you have it, a classy outfit for your dates and dinner parties.

When winter comes, consider rocking these beautiful A-line velvet dresses and see how good you look. Pair them with some boots or heels, and you will have heads turning when you walk into any room.

2. Velvet Wrap Dresses

Fashion trends are as unpredictable as the weather. But one thing that has managed to remain a constant are these velvet wrap dresses. It is no surprise why.

Velvet wrap dresses are notorious for the ways they perfectly accentuate our bodies. They make for great outfits on dinner nights, conferences, and balls. If you don’t have one in your wardrobe, you might want to head on to the boutique and grab yourself some gorgeous wrap dress.

3. Shoulder Tiered Velvet Half Sleeve Dresses

Perhaps, it’s something about the sleek smoothness or the intricate elegance of these shoulder-tiered velvet half-sleeve dresses that’s made them become the star of the season this year. Or simply the fact that they could be worn in several ways to just about any occasion.

These dresses are also perfect for just about any chilly season, be it fall or winter. But, of course, this also makes it easy to rock them to work, and that dinner ball scheduled for the latter parts of the year.

4. BodyCon Velvet Dresses

You might have some doubts, but a simple glance at how designers are styling these body con dresses will surely convince you. These outfits are clothes and more; they are essentially a mark of confidence, character, and class.

It’s not every time you find an outfit that’s both cosy and chic, and people are taking full advantage of this quality this year.

The velvet body con dress hugs you so tight that the Winter’s cold can only wave to you from a distance.

5. Velvet Sleeveless Dresses

Other outfits can try, but velvet sleeveless dresses are sure to be your trusted companions to romantic dinner dates and ballroom events.

Straight from the ’90s, they hold so much quaintness and history, yet the simplicity of their elegance survives through the years.

Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, Emporio Armani Fall/Winter shows were dominated by sleeveless velvet dresses this year and will find their way into the street in due time.


Same material, different styles. Velvet functions perfectly in both lead and assisting roles.

The fabric sounds a lot like a possibility, and when there’s so much you can do with such elegant, wearable material, you can be sure it never falls out of favour.

As you prepare for the fall and winter months and browse through physical and online boutiques, check out the elegant variations of this classy, timeless textile.