Are you looking to take your vaping equipment with you on your next vacation? Read on to learn the top tips for traveling with vape equipment.

You’re about to go on a trip for your cousin’s wedding. They live a couple of states away so you’ll be needing to take a plane. The biggest concern you have with this isn’t your fear of heights but rather or not you can take your vaping equipment with you.

The answer is that you can, depending on the airline. Some of them are a little strict about it. Even with the more lenient airlines, there will be rules you’ll need to keep in mind.

To help you successfully get through security with your vape, here is everything you need to know about packing your vaping equipment.

1. Check Out Airline Rules Before You Book

Before you bring along your vape you should familiarize yourself with the airline’s rules on it. Most airlines have a list of rules and regulations concerning them on their website. Some airlines are strict so you’ll want to at least do this much or you may run into trouble with airport security.

2. Pack Your Vape in Your Carry-On Luggage

One rule that’s university the same with all airports is that you can’t carry your vaping equipment in checked luggage. You can put it in your carry-on though.

If you want you can have it on your person and put it on the conveyor. No matter what you decide to do, make sure your vape is turned off.

3. Pack Your E-Liquids with Other Liquids

One thing that you should know is that airlines check liquid items separately from everything else. You’ll need to place your E-liquids in a plastic bag and put them with all of your other liquid items.

Keep in mind that if you have a tank that’s full of juice, that will count as a liquid item and will also need to go in a plastic resealable bag.

4. Protect Loose Batteries

Make sure you cover the terminals on your batteries with electrical tape of some kind. If you don’t then you may be left with a battery that has short-circuited. You won’t be able to carry your batteries in checked luggage for obvious reasons.

5. Check Local Laws of Your Destination

Make sure that you check out the local laws for the destination that you’re going to. There are some countries that will allow you to have your vape but they don’t sell juice. If you’re looking for the best e liquid, BuyV2Cigs. It’s worth checking out if you want to stock up before your trip.

Take Your Vaping Equipment on the Road with You

Do you need to travel with your vaping equipment? Certain airlines have rules and regulations with this but if you use the pointers you read here then you should be fine. Don’t go vapeless on your next big vacation.

Do you tend to travel often? If so, you’ll have more to worry about than taking your vape with you. Check out the travel section of our blog for more expert travel tips.