Everyone wants to have the best look possible, whenever they step out of their houses. However, weather, dust, and pollution can harm your skin and can affect the way you look if you are not careful. Issues like acne, blackheads; dead skin, etc. can be very irritating and can seriously affect your looks. There are a lot of lotions as well as equipment to help you resolve these issues like spin brushes.

One of the best spin brushes in the market currently is Vanity planet spin brush. According to reviews like https://www.pierremichelbeauty.com/vanity-planet-spin-for-perfect-skin-review/, it is very effective and efficient in what it does. It is popular due to its powerful skin exfoliating and cleaning capabilities.

These brushes are easy to use and you can spend a small amount of time on using them to get smooth and clean skin. You can buy Vanity planet spin brush online and there are a lot of discount coupons and offers as well.

The following are some of its features that you should know:

  • Vanity planet spin brush is water-resistant and can be used in a shower or bath.
  • It cleanses and exfoliates your skin and kills the bacteria, providing a cleaner and radiant skin to you. It also reduces the pore size on the surface of the skin, which makes your skin look smooth.
  • It is equipped with a special micro-massage technology, which helps in buffing off the dirt, debris, and oil. This makes your skin open and ready to absorb lotions, serums, and masks.

How to use vanity planet spin brush?

These brushes can be used without any special instructions as they are very safe and easy to use. The following is a small guideline that will help you to get the best results when using this brush.

Remove your makeup

The first thing that you should do is to clean all the makeup you have. Cleaning it, in general, will remove all the debris, dust, or makeup from your skin, making it easier for the brush to do its task. Also, it will keep the brush clean.

Dampen your skin

Dampen your skin with water. This will allow the cleanser to spread on your skin properly and will also ensure the smooth movement of the brush on your skin.

Apply cleanser

Now, properly apply a good quality cleanser to the areas where you will be using your brush on. Avoid products that are meant for exfoliating the skin that has jagged and large particles.

Start using the spin brush

Now, take your vanity planet spin brush and turn it on. Hold it by pressing the brush lightly to your skin and start moving it in small circles on your skin. Spend a few seconds at a spot and gradually cover your whole face. Avoid putting too much pressure on the brush as it can damage your skin.

Rinse your face

Now clean your face with water. After every use, clean the body properly by removing the brush attachments. Also, soak the used brush attachments in alcohol at least once every month to properly disinfect it.