With an obvious increase in the heat, people start to show up more and more on running paths and tracks in the hope of fresh air and open surroundings. Running in summer can be advantageous if you know how to smartly use it to boost your energy and performance for far better results and fitness. You need your body to adapt the atmosphere and then exercise in every way that can enhance your metabolism. You just need to take care that you do not dehydrate. Use our below guidelines to run happily down the entire summer, without a hitch.

Light clothing: as is the case in the summer, everyone tries to dress in light clothing to combat the heat of the day. You modestly dress as per the weather in tees and shorts but you are advised to use light colors’ clothing so to repel the sun rays. Dark and black color shorts or tracksuits absorb sunlight and heat up faster. You are also advised to use the breathable fabric material in your summer clothes especially in your running track suit or short and tanks. You can also opt for cooling vests or sun sleeves, if easily available.

Adjust your stride: Generally, if you’re a beginner or not accustomed to run in this weather condition, your body will adapt itself to the atmosphere in about two weeks. You need to slow your pace in the beginning to get yourself on track or else you will only be breathless sooner and your stamina will run out increasing your heart rate. Once you are on track, you need to monitor your heart rate and then slowly try to increase your running pace while keeping the rate under control. When you are static at a pace then you need to fasten up and get into a faster pace and intensity. To get into shape and pace you can alternate between running and walking to keep your breath and heart rate smooth.

Avoid the rub: Running will cause you more sweating in summer which may ultimately result in chafing. You are advised to use balm and powder on your sensitive spots keeping them smooth so they don’t rub off and create blisters or rash for you.

Stay hydrated: When you are running in general, you are advised to consume more water, but running in summer with all the hot atmosphere change, breathlessness and high heart rate you need water to survive through the entire running session. If you are properly hydrated only then you can stay safe and sound and actually enjoy your running session. People often take it too much on their nerves and drink more then enough just to cause over-hydration which is equally bad. You can keep a check with a calculated amount of liters you can take and use it with ice to keep you cool and motivated.

Electrolytes or salt? When you are running under hot weather conditions you not only sweat but also lose sodium and electrolytes out from your body. We need to balance the number of electrolytes in our body to keep our cells and organs in a normal functioning condition. We advise you to increase your salt intake and alternately drink sports drinks and adjust your diet accordingly by taking more sodium.

Seek relief: You do not have to give yourself a tough time, if it’s the hot weather and you need to complete your daily run. You must seek a track with more shade or a track that is covered from the direct sunlight, eventually indoors and enjoy your complete session away from burning your body or the risks of heatstroke or dehydration.