Do you have an underutilized space in your roof?

Lofts are among the most underutilized spaces in the average household. For the most part, this space above stays stagnant and ends up becoming an attic-like room that families only visit every now and then. This often leaves the space unappealing, leading to it becoming too ugly to have people dwell in.

To prevent this from happening to your loft, you should consider taking the time to decorate it. This is a great way to transform your space and utilize it to suit your household’s needs. However, coming up with upstairs loft decorating ideas is something people struggle with.

We’re here to help you out with these 11 great loft space ideas. Keep reading!

1. Library Loft

A common theme among lofts is they have fantastic natural light. You can use the natural light in them by turning your loft into an area dedicated to reading.

An upstairs library is among the most popular upstairs loft decorating ideas used by many homes. The reason being that they’re both an easy to design and pull off and they’re also something all the household members from the children to the adults can use.

Bring up the bookcases and fill them up with books you find useful. You’ll start to notice you’re visiting your loft more often soon enough.

2. Cozy Sitting Area

If books aren’t something your family spends a lot of time on, then you can instead use the space as a general sitting area.

What’s great about using this idea is that it can branch out to suit different purposes. All you need to do first is place a couple of chairs and see where it goes. It can end up becoming a place of relaxation where you sit down with a drink in your hand and look out the window or it can become a waiting area for your guests while you spend more time preparing.

3. Upstairs Game Room

Looking to add a room dedicated to fun? If so, you may want to use your loft as a game room.

Among the loft area ideas, this one proves to be the most diverse. This is because how the game room will turn out will depend on your definition of gaming. You can turn it into a room filled with tables to accommodate your passion for tabletop games or you can turn it into a conventional bar-type game room with a pool table, foosball table and dart board.

4. Elevated Home Office

If you have enough fun during your day, then you may consider making a work-focused loft instead. You can bring up your desk and chair here and use this quiet space to focus on doing your job.

You can even bring up most of your supplies as lofts offer lots of small spaces for safe storage for the most part. Check out these safe ideas to get a clearer picture of the potential storage solutions.

5. Personal Gym

No time to travel to the gym between all your responsibilities?

If so, then a quick solution to that is to turn your loft into your personal gym. This is a popular loft idea for health junkies as doing so means you can have access to a workout room whenever you want. This helps you save time to make your day more efficient.

6. Kids’ Space

For the most part, a loft is a bit farther away from the main rooms of the house like the kitchen or common area. This is what prompts others to turn this into a place where the children can gather and play. This is a popular idea because it sends the kids off to play on their own while you can work or relax in peace.

You can turn the loft into their game room filled with toys and other games to keep them distracted. On the other hand, you can turn it into a place for them to have their own peace and quiet while studying.

7. Recreational Space

What better way to use your loft than by turning it into a multi-purpose room of sorts?

Clearing out the loft and placing small furnishings enables you to use it in any way you like. You can throw down a yoga mat and perform your poses there. You can swap out the mat for a meditation stool and find inner peace in the space instead.

You can also use the wide space as a place to practice your dance routine. The possibilities are endless and this room can fit whatever need you may have for it.

8. Small Greenhouse

Another way you can take advantage of the natural light coming into the loft is by planting there. A popular choice among homeowners is succulents as they are low maintenance and only need sunlight for the most part.

You can do that or you can go beyond and make this space your own greenhouse. The natural light entering the loft is great for flowering plants like daisies and roses. Having great insulation means you can also grow plants offseason like tulips.

9. Bed Loft

If your loft is big enough for it, why not convert it into a 2-bed area? This is a perfect idea for big families who can’t find a home with enough bedrooms.

What’s great about this is it helps those in the room to learn how to live smart in small spaces.

10. Relaxing Nook

Why not dedicate your loft to be a place to get away from it all?

Set up a divan by the window and lay there when stress is close to getting the best of you. The isolated space brings a momentary silence you may need to keep yourself from snapping.

11. Tiny Workshop

Among the upstairs loft ideas, the most popular one may be turning it into your own workshop. This serves the most practical use for most homeowners and is functional even for those who don’t dabble into the art of shaping wood, stone, or metal into something different.

This can also serve as a repair station if you’re somewhat of a tinkerer. Bring up your power tools and work tables the next time you visit your loft. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to craft and repair anything you bring up to the loft.

Use these Upstairs Loft Decorating Ideas to Spruce Up Your Loft Today

Don’t let all that free space upstairs go to waste! Use one of these 11 upstairs loft decorating ideas and make that space your own now!

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