After the first few years of being with someone, finding the perfect gift can be daunting. You’ve already purchased your fair share of flowers, jewelry, fragrances, clothes, and traditional romantic ideas. Obviously, you don’t want to keep buying the same things. You want to get them something that’s meaningful, purposeful, and thoughtful. If you’re unsure as to what that is, these out of the box ideas will serve as inspiration.


Whether your significant other is a lover of art or not, there’s something special to be said about receiving an original painting or piece of art. It is aesthetically appealing in the home, evokes emotions and creative expression, and has the potential to increase in value which makes it a valuable asset to possess. You can invest in 19th-century American art like the Rumble in the Jungle painting of Muhammad Ali, the portrait of Abraham Lincoln, or even quality photographs of Marilyn Monroe for your love.


It may sound strange, but stocks are a very thoughtful gift for your significant other. It provides them with an asset that they can then use to fund whatever they’d like. Whether it’s starting a business, saving for retirement, putting their children through college, or simply growing their finances, having shares in stock can make this possible. You can transfer some of your own stocks or set up an account in their name with an initial investment deposit. Either way, it’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is another useful and unconventional gift you can give to your significant other this holiday season. There are so many devices these days that can be integrated with your home to make life easier. While a wife or girlfriend might appreciate a smart stove or coffeemaker, a husband or boyfriend might appreciate a smart gate opener or a voice-activated Bluetooth speaker.

A Solo Trip

Of course, you guys enjoy going out of town together, but the time you spend apart can be just as therapeutic and necessary. If you want to get your significant other a gift they can appreciate, book them a trip. It doesn’t have to be over the top or for very long to do the trick. A weekend in Vegas, a relaxing trip to a wellness retreat, or a hiking trip will do just fine.

Subscription Services

Subscription services have become increasingly popular and there are a lot to choose from. If your significant other enjoy’s sports, give them a subscription to watch live games on the go. If they like music, a paid subscription to their favorite music streaming service would suffice. Do they love food, wine, cigars, cheese, clothes, shoes, lingerie, etc? Whatever their interests are, chances are there’s a subscription you can invest in.

There are so many things you can give your significant other that lets them know they’re thought of and appreciated. Once the novelty of traditional romantic gifts wears off, the skies are still the limit for how you can surprise your loved on this holiday season. Hopefully, these suggestions have give you some ideas on presents they’ll actually love.