Finding the right gift for a wedding is not always as easy as finding a template registry of generic gift ideas and picking one that suits your budget. This approach is not recommended unless you’re heading to a colleague’s or acquaintance’s wedding.

If you’re shopping for a wedding gift for a close friend, we’ve listed some unique options.

A Luxury Clock

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone who already seems to have everything, then you should direct your focus to the category of luxury gifts. This category of gift ideas will impress anyone, and lavish clocks are excellent contemporary gifts.

While you could consider high-end his and her’s wristwatches, wedding gifts are typically centered around household items, so a luxury desk clock is a great idea. Gifting a timepiece is also a symbolic gesture that notes the importance of unique moments and the value of time together, so you’ll find it straightforward to word a cute note with your special gift.

Chardonnay Glasses And A Set Of Ice Cream Spoons

While chardonnay glasses might be a generic gift choice for a wedding, pairing these large bowl wine glasses with a set of luxury ice cream spoons will make the idea a lot more unique.

These two gifts are a great way to suggest a cute date idea that the couple in question will adore. Beyond that, ice cream spoons are hardly kitchen essentials, and most newlyweds wouldn’t even consider purchasing them.

Subscription Gift Boxes

Subscription boxes are one of the few gifts that will keep on giving. If the soon-to-be-married pair have a particular interest, there’s no doubt you can find a subscription box for them. These boxes can pack sock bundles, craft beer bundles, arts, and craft bundles, and so much more.

An Airfryer

Air fryers have quickly become a top gift choice on almost every gift registry you could imagine. These handy kitchen appliances are perfect for anyone that loves cooking and anyone that isn’t too fond of spending time in the kitchen. Because air fryers make it easy to create decadent meals, you can be sure your gift will be appreciated.

Robotic Vacuum

While most wedding guests will be focused on traditional household gifts, smart home tech is a great option to consider as well. Smart home techs like robot vacuums, home pods, monitoring devices, and lighting make exceptional wedding gifts.

This category of home devices aims to make everyday life more convenient. So there’s no doubt these gifts will go to great use.

An Original Artwork

Nothing ties a home’s interiors together quite like art can. Instead of looking for practical decor items that most other guests will probably cover, consider splashing a bit on an original artwork that complements the couple’s art preferences.

While there’s an endless list of gift registries and ideas out there, be sure to consider gifts that the bride and groom-to-be will love. It’s essential to shop with their preferences in mind to ensure your wedding gift will be valued and appreciated.