Unique gifts are specific to an individual and a truly thoughtful gift. You can find something uniquely suited to the person by giving some thought to their current situation. If they are taking a vacation to Costa Rica, a travel guide in the format you know, they will like, and a waterproof map could be a hit. Here are some unique gift ideas that you can present on any holiday or occasion, which will surely be appreciated.

Unique jewellery

A unique gift by its very definition cannot be one that any other person has. This makes such a gift special for any and every occasion. Unique pieces of jewellery can become family heirlooms because of their rarity, but also because of their beauty. Hop over to this website to buy jewellery that has been made from natural roses picked at their very best bloom and then preserved for eternity as stunning earrings and pendants in bold colours that will be sure to turn heads.

Gift a vacation

From a night away at a hotel close to home, right through to a two-week break at a destination they have always dreamed of visiting, gifting a vacation that you can share, will create special memories. If there is an exhibition or a convention that you know they would love, surprise them with tickets and then arrange all the travel and accommodation arrangements, including care arrangements for children and pets whilst away from home so everything is stress-free for them and they can enjoy the countdown to the breakaway.

Fresh flowers

The delivery of a bouquet of flowers is as unique as the beautiful flowers that make up the display. You can be as imaginative as you want with this gift idea to make it extra special with their favourite blooms or colours. If they have a garden with space, gift a fruit tree that they can watch grow and enjoy for years to come as seasonal crops allow for the baking of apple pies.

Learn a new skill

For those who are passionate about a topic and keen to learn about it, consider a subscription to a magazine on the topic that they can enjoy each month. If there is an evening class you know they would love to sign up for, your gift could be babysitting the children whilst they are away from home. New skills can be creative such as discovering landscape photography; academic study of a foreign language or something practical such as basic cooking skills.

Gift an experience

Make a dream come true with an experience gift. If you know someone who adores animals, gift a day shadowing a zookeeper. If it is a gift for a young person, book a driving lesson with a qualified instructor for anyone aged 10 -17 years. If there is a sports team or a band that they support, contact their agent and see if you can arrange a meeting before the game or concert with your gift recipient, with a chance to get a photo together and memories to last a lifetime.

A relaxing lavender gift set

For people extremely busy with work, home and family commitments, a gift offering the chance to totally relax and unwind would be much appreciated. Lavender promotes tranquillity and inner peace, so create a gift set of organic lavender aromatherapy massage oil, sleep blame and classic lavender and orange lip balm. Add a lavender growing kit, a calming pillow spray, a gentle scented soy-based candle, along with an IOU note offering a back massage or a foot rub.