Give your dad something he will love with unique Father’s Day gifts. You might think that you’ve already gotten the old man everything you can think of, but the reality is that there are so many awesome dad gifts out there that you’ve probably just never considered. Shopping for dad is easy if you know a few facts about your pops. To help you get started, here are five unique gift ideas.

1. A New Tool

Your dad is either super handy or wishes that he was, so your best bet is to go with a tool that he can add to his tool collection. Dad’s like to keep things practical, so the most thoughtful thing you can do is get him something he finds useful. Or just get him a Father’s Day cake that somehow makes him emotional.

You can apply this concept to anything else if your dad isn’t into fixing things. Think about what he likes and keep it simple. Does he want a hardcover book to replace his soft cover? Does he need a new father’s day mug to replace the one he broke? Those are the things that he’ll appreciate.

2. A Car Wash

Show selfless love for your father and pay for his car wash. He probably hasn’t gotten his car washed in a while and could use this gift, or he gets his car washed frequently and would appreciate some savings on his usual routine.

Not every dad is a car guy, but most likely, your dad has a car, so this is a valuable gift either way. If you want to go the extra mile, you could also pay for a car cleaning so that the inside of his car gets the cleaning it needs.

3. A Rage Room Pass

Suppose you want to give your dad a chance to destress and perhaps even engage in family bonding: get him a pass to a rage room near you.

Your dad will enjoy the rush of being able to destroy things in a safe and secure setting, and if you two do this together, it will mean all the more to him. Most dads carry some pent-up stress with them, so this is certainly a unique gift he will appreciate.

pair of man boots on carpet

4. A Pair of Boots

A pair of boots are a wardrobe staple for most dads. Whether he likes to go hiking or build things from his garage workshop, those boots will come in handy. If he is primarily a couch potato, the boots are still good for when it’s chilly outside. You really can’t go wrong! Go with weather-resistant fabrics and rubber soles for a functional and fancy gift.

5. A Beer Subscription

Give your dad a gift that he can enjoy each month through a subscription service. If your dad likes beer, consider a beer subscription box. If he’s a birdwatcher, get him a birdwatching magazine subscription. You can easily customize your subscription services to meet the interests of your dad.

There are so many different options to choose from these days! Hygiene kits are super popular right now for subscription service options. Get your dad a monthly shaving kit with all the lotions and potions he needs to stay looking sharp!

The Bottom Line

Finding unique Father’s Day ideas is about noticing the uniqueness of your dad. Consider the five ideas above as you make this year’s Father’s Day the best one yet! Once you can pinpoint a few of your dad’s interests, you’ll have all the info you need to think up great gift ideas for Father’s Day.