Love can be characterized as timid steps towards each other. It provokes goosebumps from the touch and hurricanes of emotions. It would seem that everything about love is already said, but it is a significant thing which remains the main source of inspiration for humanity.

Unfortunately, not all films fall under positive criticism. We will tell you about the most underrated films of recent times. Among them are real gems which, for some reason, no one remembers today. Someone will say that, apparently, there were reasons. But we sincerely believe that the world is imperfect. It is for the reason that such nonsense collects billions of dollars at the box office, while amazing films that can touch the most important strings somewhere in the depths in one’s heart and affect the outlook remain unnoticed.

#1 For the Love of Money

It’s a French short film by Naima Shebay about the girl’s luminous love, marred by the only aspect of her relationship with her lover – paying for his visits every day. A charming, young French girl is nervously smoking and waiting for a call. A pretty woman in a short evening dress intended to impress the gentleman. Hearing the coveted signal, the cutie begins to prepare for a date with her beloved. The heroine of the short film is looking forward to this meeting, counts minutes, and values every moment, being absolutely happy and feeling like a desired woman. Both film heroes enjoy each other every day and expect a new date: she is waiting for caresses and compliments, and he the rewards for his services.

#2 Love Is

Watching a movie about love is almost like making love and never getting bored. The statement “All you need is love” is tested by time and cinema. The eternal theme excites the director’s imagination, giving a unique chance with lightning speed to move from sad to funny almost simultaneously. Love Is contains 6 beautiful romantic stories from three continents: in jazz and rock style, about the first adult feeling at the very tender age, about jealousy, walking hand in hand with love, music, travel, and the transience of everything except the main feeling.

#3 Short Summer

Love does not choose an object of feelings that capture a person at any age. The heroes of the film are a young boy and a girl. He is really in love for the first time in his life, and she has only a little time to live…

#4 One-Minute Time Machine

Time after time, James fails in trying to meet a girl in the park. Either he says something stupid or gets ahead of events. But again and again, he gets a new chance.

#5 Silent Love

What does the guy sitting opposite write in his notebook? Every day he sits in this very chair of this particular car and is silent. Why did he still not speak?

#6 Almost

Oh, how familiar to us the fear of the first step is! So Oscar sees Kate daily, but he doesn’t dare even to talk to her. When the hero dares to show attention, he thinks he is failing. But is it really so?

#7 Post-It Love

It’s hard when you’re shy and in love with someone. Even more difficult when both are shy and fell in love with each other. But there is a way out of any situation, especially if you work in the same office.

#8 Through You

All of us are each other’s bystanders as if going through without leaving memories of each other. But it also happens that a person walking toward suddenly begins a journey beside you. It is difficult to make your way through the turmoil of life, to keep close people and not to lose yourself.

#9 A Short Love Story in Stop Motion

No matter how old you are if the boy at the next desk is so shamelessly handsome, and you are so hopelessly romantic…

#10 Glance

“He just said hello to her, and she had already married him and had three children.” After all, sometimes even one glance is enough for two people to live a whole life…

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