Often during old age, people suffer from mobility problems, and this is quite common. You must have spent enough on mobility equipment over the years but did not gain many benefits. Relax, not anymore. That is now a thing of the past as today you have lightweight electric wheelchairs that can act as a savior. With the help of these wheelchairs, your loved ones who are suffering from mobility issues will not have to walk much. In fact, this equipment can improve their quality of life in ways untold. Along with enhancing the wheelchair user’s independence, this chair will also prove handy in case of adaptability and travel. Temporary handicap issues, lifelong illness or old age, may affect the support of the upper limb and even the strength of using a self-propelling wheelchair. It is this immobility that can result in an adverse blow when it comes to the independence, dignity, and mood of the person resulting in being socially isolated on account of complete dependence on caregivers.

Why Use Lightweight Electric Chairs?

With a wide variety of electric wheelchairs available in the market with various features and options, you must be wondering what is so special about a lightweight electric chair and how it can benefit your loved one. Well take a look and find out:

  • Comfort – First and foremost, it will offer users with ease and comfort. Through this wheelchair, the user can transport themselves easily. The best part is it comes with an elevated seat which will give the user more access to grabbing things that are generally out of reach.
  • Handy – These wheelchairs come with inbuilt vehicle lifts which means it is convenient and one can use it just anywhere. They come in different types such as travel power and foldable wheelchair. The former is lightweight and can be easily broken down to smaller pieces making it hassle-free in assembling, disassembling as well as storing for travel purposes, and the latter is extremely light and simple to fold and carry. Both need little room for storage.
  • Full-size – This will offer greater reliability as well as drive range which allows the user in going a further distance like moving around the town. It comes with larger seats and more arm space.
  • Minimal Effort – The user will have to apply minimal effort for controlling the wheelchair.
  • Independence – By using this electric wheelchair, the user will no longer require depending on another person for pushing the chair which means they can enjoy the freedom to move about.
  • Highly Adaptable – The adaptability of this wheelchair is genuinely outstanding. People can move about easily through individual controls.
  • Going up Ramps and Hills – These wheelchairs feature designs that make it easily go up the ramps and hills.
  • Adjustable Height – The most significant benefit of these wheelchairs is that they come with an adjustable height as opposed to a manual wheelchair that has the same height. No matter whether the user is in a supermarket and wishes to reach a high shelf or need to go lower as per the height of the dining table, these wheelchairs come with an adjustable height and can be done by just pushing the button.

Gift this wheelchair to an elderly loved one and help them maintain their independence and dignity.