A garage door opener that stops operating can be frustrating. You might have already checked the possible causes, but more often than not, the source of the problem is not clear. By hiring a garage door repair Southlake technician, you will be able to determine the cause of the problem and find the right solution. There are many issues you may encounter with your garage door opener, especially if it is already old. While the owner’s manual can give you a wealth of information, you will still need the services of a professional to make sure that the problem is addressed correctly.

You cannot close your garage door all the way

This situation may allow you to open your garage door, but the real problem starts when you attempt to close it. Although you can still close the door, you are unable to close it all the way. There are several reasons this is happening. First, you need to check your safety sensors. Make sure that there are no blockages between them. The sensors look like electronic eyes that can be found near the door track’s base. They are mounted on both sides. It is important for these sensors to remain clear so the door will operate properly. If their line of sight is not clear, closing your garage door will be challenging.

Make sure that your garage door rollers are also in working order. If they are damaged or too rusty, you should consider replacing them. If they are in good condition, you might only need to apply lubricant to ease their movement. The limit switch is also another garage door component you need to look into. This feature tells your garage door when it should stop moving. If your limit switch has an incorrect setting, the door will stop sooner than it should. Be sure to set the limit switch correctly once you notice a problem.

Remote is not properly working

Using the remote makes it easier for you to operate your garage door day and night. When your remote is not responding once you hit its button, it only means that there is something wrong with it. You will need to check a few things to restore your garage door to its best condition. Even if you are hitting the button on your remote, it will not work if you are out of range. Be sure you are not too far away or your garage door will not respond. If this is not the cause of the problem, consider opening and closing your door using a wall switch. Being able to open the door with the wall switch means that the problem is with your remote.

Replace the batteries and attempt to operate your garage door with the remote. In most cases, replacing the batteries will solve the problem. If after replacing the batteries, your garage door still does not work, you have to consider replacing the remote altogether. You will also have to check the antenna which is located on the motor unit. The antenna is properly working if the signal reaches your garage door.

Garage door is reversing before or after it hits the floor

Something is wrong with your garage door if it reverses before or after it hits the floor. The close-force setting which is responsible for controlling the amount of force allowed might be causing the problem. When the setting changes, the amount of friction that your garage door needs to feel before it shuts off the motor also changes. A little bit of friction sends a signal to your garage door that it needs to stop or has reached the floor. If your rollers are rusty or damaged, your garage door can create more friction which causes the same problem. Check your rollers and their settings as these might be the reason your door reverses.

The problem has to do with the close-limit switch for garage doors that are closing completely and reversing to open. You have to make changes to the settings of your close limit to deal with this problem.

Keypad is not working properly

Some garage doors operate with the use of a keypad. When the keypad stops working, there are steps you can take to address the problem. The keypad needs to be within the range to get your opener to work. Just like your remote, you cannot close or open your garage door if you are too far away. The antenna also needs to have proper placement.