Do you want to start working out and get into shape and start a healthy lifestyle? You cannot wear your jeans and dresses to a workout you know that for sure, but the question is, what should you wear? Let me give you a few examples of the type of women’s activewear you can use while doing any kind of physical activity.

1. Innerwear

Usually, women performing physical activity or workout have to take great care of their breasts. For that, you’d need a sports bra. Sports bra are really essential piece of women’s activewear. They provide support to your breasts and a sports bra with good moisture-wicking qualities helps you stay cool.

2. Tops

A piece of clothing you need to swear by when it comes to women’s activewear is Tank tops. Tank tops help manage sweating and let your skin breathe. For a long workout, a tank top is the best option as it stops you from overheating. Another option could be racerbacks, which are similar to tank tops. Both of these options also help you show your biceps and back muscles to check out how far your going.

Another option is a long sleeve shirt, specially for the women who are uncomfortable with showing arms and shoulders in their activewear. Long sleeve shirts are usually made from high-tech polyester which helps absorb sweat and doesn’t stick to the body.

3. Sweatpants

Sweatpants have been a part of women’s activewear since a long time. Traditionally, they were more loose, baggy style but now they’re also available in tight fit which helps in activities like running. This type of women’s activewear is made from moisture-wicking fibres which helps in keeping the body from overheating.

4. Shorts

Another type of women’s activewear you need to have in your closet is shorts.

Sweat shorts, are a common part of men’s activewear but are gradually making space in women’s activewear too. They are made from moisture-wicking materials and fibers and reach to your knee or above it. They’re great options for a leg workout day in summers since they dry quickly and are made from breathable and flexible material. They’re a great option for anyone looking for women’s activewear.

Bermuda shorts are also a very popular part of women’s activewear and casual wear. These shorts reach a little above knee or to the knee and are a great fit for running. They are also very comfortable and don’t stress the body. Another type of shorts are Capri shorts. Usually reaching till mid-calf or below knee, these type are also very attractive and comfortable. Made from a material called Spandex, which is a highly stretchable and lightweight fiber, therefore it’s a great choice for summers.

5. Leggings

We talked about activewear for summers, but here’s one for winters. Leggings are high waist activewear reaching to your ankles. In comparison to sweatpants, leggings help provide greater warmth. They keep you warm but not too warm, since like other activewears they’re made from moisture-wicking materials, that keeps you from sweating excessively. Running tights or leggings are made from compression fibres that fit perfectly to you like a second skin. This feature of leggings helps in giving support and better circulation.

6. Socks

Choosing the perfect kind of socks which have great support and good material which has good absorbing qualities is very important for your activewear wardrobe.

Low cut socks are very comfortable and supportive, especially during activities like running or other intense workouts. They have mesh patterns and air vents that make it breathable and prevents accumulation of sweat. Most low cut socks do not show from your shoes.

While choosing running socks, remember to look into the material. Prevent using 100% cotton socks and use the socks made from moisture-wicking materials. It is because cotton has a tendency to get wet and stay wet as long as it’s on our feet.

7. Shoes

While looking for shoes in women’s activewear, women must take into consideration the difference between male running shoes and female running shoes. Since females have a narrow heal, you’d need to wear shoes with soft and light midsole. Also, the shoes which have breathable mesh patterns, so that there’s no accumulation of sweat are very important to consider.