Imagine being able to tackle stress, anxiety, joint pain, cholesterol, respiratory diseases and much more just by inducting one component in your regular diet. Seems impossible, right? But there is a wonder herb that will turn this wild dream into a reality!

Tulsi has been used for ages to fight various life-threatening diseases. However, continuous research and studies have led us to discover more and more benefits of this herb that seems almost too good to be true. But well, science has proven its authenticity.

If you still doubt the power of this wonder herb, take a look through this article:

It helps reduce stress and anxiety

Two of the biggest enemies of productivity and a happy life are stress and anxiety. Most people around us are suffering from these two in one form or another. In order to lead a healthy life, it is important to regain peace of mind and Tulsi does exactly that. Various scientific researches have shown that Tulsi leaves help to fight various levels of stress.

According to the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Tulsi has several antidepressants and anti-anxiety properties that can be compared to many mainstream drugs to tackle the same issues.

Stimulate and vitalize your body

Often unknowingly, we intake a lot of chemicals and harmful components through the food we consume. These chemicals, overtime, can become harmful and cause several diseases. It is necessary that we cleanse our bodies from these toxic substances.

Tulsi is extremely rich in antioxidants and helps your body detox. Various studies have shown that Tulsi benefits us by protecting our body from harmful substances. Plus, it reduces the growth of cancerous cells and could also prevent cancer.

Helps in healing wounds

Extracts prepared using Tulsi leaves are known to boost healing of wounds as they contain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. In fact, Tulsi is often used after surgeries to protect the wound from further infection while also boosting the healing.

There have been many studies to prove that Tulsi leaves help in healing infections and wounds such as mouth ulcers, acne, keloids, and raised scars.

Lowers your cholesterol

Since Tulsi has properties that target metabolism stress, it also comes in handy for weight loss and reduction of cholesterol. When you consume Tulsi leaves regularly, the bad cholesterol in your body will go down and the good cholesterol will witness an increase.

Tulsi reduces stress-induced cholesterol in the body and also lowers the general cholesterol levels of vital organs like the heart and kidneys.

Protects your stomach

Stress-induced ulcer is becoming increasingly common. Tulsi can counteract the effects of this disease. Also, it can naturally enhance the defense mechanism of your stomach by decreasing stomach acid, increasing mucus secretion and cells and extending the cells’ lives.

Though there are medicines you can use to reduce the pain caused by ulcers and other stomach diseases, the side effects of these drugs are enormous and often result in further complications. Tulsi is a healthy and natural alternative to these medicines.

Lowers your blood sugar

If you are suffering from diabetes, all parts of the Tulsi plant can help you in fighting it and reducing your blood sugar levels. Tulsi forestalls any symptoms of diabetes like weight gain, high cholesterol, hyperinsulinemia, and hypertension.

However, be careful while consuming Tulsi in case of diabetes. Intake of tulsi along with the intake of medications to combat diabetes will result in a reduction of your blood sugar levels even more. Consult your doctor before you include Tulsi in your healing process.

Good for Respiratory Disorders

Everyday we damage our respiratory system more and more by breathing in the extremely polluted air outside. This damage caused to the respiratory system can result in chronic respiratory diseases that can become fatal overtime. Tulsi helps combat these respiratory diseases and you can use it to reduce the impact of pollution on your lungs.

Tulsi contains a lot of essential oils like cineole and eugenol. These components of the plant are extremely beneficial in reducing congestion in the chest. It also helps in fighting diseases like chronic bronchitis while enhancing the condition of the respiratory system in general.

Eases Joint pain

As I mentioned earlier Tulsi has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that eases inflammation which in turn reduces joint pain to a great extent. Patients suffering from Arthritis or Fibromyalgia must include Tulsi leaves in their daily diet. Just a few leaves of this holy basil in your evening tea will give you a boost to walk an extra mile.

Tip: Although no negative effects have yet been recorded about Tulsi, it’s still better to consult your doctor about its pros in your health chart. Well, prevention is always better than cure.

There are many forms in which you can include Tulsi in your daily lives- you can cook it with your food, make a Tulsi tea, etc. Irrespective of the form, just start consuming Tulsi and you will soon observe its miraculous impact on your health.