Kid’s jewelry is not an innovative concept even though it may seem like it at first, but actually, the tradition of young children and sometimes even the newborns wearing their piece of jewelry has taken deep roots and dates back to ancient customs.

Infant jewelry like bracelets and anklets are the most popular types of jewelry for children. In many other countries, necklaces, earrings are also a traditional gift for small children. Here are eight truths that you should know before you go and think about buying Infant Jewelry for your children.

Safety concerns

There are some main safety concerns associated with infant jewelry like:

1. Choking

Babies put everything into their mouths, and that is not something new. Infant jewelry like bracelets and necklaces can break and give out tiny gemstones, beads, or other tiny things that children can choke on; therefore, be careful.

2. Strangulation

Necklaces can easily strangle a child while they fall asleep. Even if you choose to allow the child to wear it like a bracelet, never let them sleep while they wear them. Things like ribbons, strings, or many other things can become dangerous without parental supervision.


Always think while buying infant jewelry about if your baby would have an allergic reaction to it or not. Therefore, to make sure that it does not happen, you should stay away from cheap jewelry pieces and instead try to buy jewelry that does not have nickel.


Children have small tiny wrists, ears, and necks to prevent possible accidents like losing the jewelry piece while playing or any other activity. Make sure that you have the right size of jewelry for your children.


Try to pick jewelry that your baby wants. Even though it does not look good, there are many options to choose infant jewelry for babies. Therefore, choose something that your baby will like and not throw around.

Keep jewelry with sharp and pointy edges away

Sharp edges, pointy edges, or even jagged edges can poke your child and cause some small amount of damage; therefore, keeping jewelry that is simple and smooth with round edges can help you prevent even the smallest of damage.

Always opt for screw back fasteners

Screw back fasteners that would not come off quickly will help your child not lose its jewelry, and most importantly, screw back fasteners will not allow your child to swallow its jewelry.

Always protect your children’s jewelry from rust

Waterproof jewelry helps to prevent rust. Rust can cut a child’s skin or even cause rashes or irritation to their skin. It is vital to avoid it as a child frequently participates in water spots that can enhance the chances of rust.

Put your thoughts in your child’s personality

If your child is not a newborn, then they must have developed some liking. Therefore, always make sure to include their taste and choice of jewelry before you buy something for them.

Ending thought

Avoid trends and instead select a fine piece of infant jewelry that can last for a long time. Nowadays even boys have their line of jewelry collection in the market, which means that the market of children’s jewelry is constantly changing and coming up with something new almost every day.