In today’s world the more compact, the better. We try to fit more things in a small space which leaves room for others. If you want to save the maximum space, trundle beds at urban ladder is the best option. Trundle beds are those beds which either have an in built storage space at the bottom or it has an added small bed at the bottom to accommodate more people. The storage space and added bed can be pushed in during the day. So it gives off a very compact and cozy feel. Hardly anyone would understand that you have an added bed below!

Many may be skeptical regarding these new innovative beds. So, here are 4 reasons on why trundle beds are the best option when you want to save space.

  • Minimum space – Trundle beds are the best because you need very small space to accommodate it. And it also serves a variety of purposes. Parents who have two kids opt for it as both the children can sleep independently as well as together. And you can also store things in the bunk space. Both the storage and extra bed can be made available. But the height of the bed may increase a little.
  • Storage space and added bed – The trundle beds serve as both storage places as well as helpful in accommodating extra people in one bed. You can either choose an added bed which can be pushed in or pulled out as necessary or install drawers below to store things.
  • Coziness and beauty – The trundle beds look small and comfy. It adds a cozy and somewhat cute vibe in the room. The beauty of your room maybe enhanced. The latest box bed designs are very trendy and stylish. It is available in a variety of styles and material. So you would also have a lot of options to choose from.
  • Helpful for elderly people – The old who are suffering from back pain or have trouble in their joints may opt for the trundle beds. They can be adjusted to a low height. So the elderly won’t have a problem in sleeping here. Since you do not need to leap up every time you want to sleep, it is easier for old people. Since there are inbuilt drawers below, you may also store medicines, or any other things that you need for easier reach. In case it is necessary, you don’t need to jump out of bed, you can just reach over and pull the drawer below and access your things. For the lazy people, this bed certainly has its perks.

Trundle beds are a hot trend nowadays. You need not choose it for your bed room. It can also steal the spotlight in your living room. You can choose a long couch with a storage space below. It serves as a trundle beds. So if you have a house party, lots of people coming over or you want to crash after a late night movie, trundle beds are at your rescue always.