The hassle-free process of getting the Indian tourist visa has turned many eyes towards the subcontinent for easy tourism, easy business, and easy treatments. If you have any of these purposes to come to India, then you would be happy to know that India has announced the visa on arrival system since 2014, and once again the visa on arrival can be availed much ahead of travel through online applying.

Yes, you heard it right! Now Indian visa is available online, and hence the door of the country to most global tourists is open through the simple online application process. Yes, of course, some countries are excluded from this online visa application and visa on arrival system. But the leading countries all can avail the e-visa advantage.

Great support staff and system

The e-visa application and approval system are backed by a great team of staff members who are available over the telephone and also can be contacted by email. The dual support system for the visa applicants, over phone and email, are a significant and reliable resource. That’s because while applying for the visa, there will be a simple form which applicants will have to fill, and you may skip a few fields, not understand a few fields, and even answer wrong a few things in that case. If you had gone the conventional way, your visa application would have long been rejected, and your money would have been gone as the nonrefundable application fee. But with the e-visa service, it is not so. You can now get all your queries answered by learned staff who are available over the phone and email.

The communication, moreover, with the support team can be two way. Either you call them for help. Or else when you have already submitted the application form and made payment, you may get a call from the team for correction to the form wherever required, as they verify every detail manually.

Entry to India

All major Indian airports access entry to the on arrival visa holders. Also, the three main seaports in India at Cochin, Mangalore, and Goa offer unrestricted entry to the ETA holders. Once entered you can stay inside the country, and travel as you wish, anywhere, within a period of 60 days, after which you will have to leave. If you want to go out and enter the country again, you can, because the ETA permits double entry to the country within the 60 days.

Attractive services for e-visa applicants

Some of the other services you can enjoy while applying for the e-visa online are:

  • Your application form gets checked field thoroughly by field and manually.
  • You get support on email and phone to ask any question, and clear confusions while filling the form.
  • On filling the form wrongly or entering wrong details or leaving fields vacant, you would get a call from the support team and would be helped in rectifying the form so that your application can be processed smoothly.
  • A lost ETA number can be recovered here which in the traditional process cannot be recovered.
  • As each step gets completed, you get email alerts and notifications.

With so many advantages of applying online, why would one go round and round the consulate offices to get a visa? Things are totally simplified now. You just fill the application form, pay for the visa charges, get things checked by them, and with the approval, you get a download link for the visa. You can then download the visa, and produce this as they ask for the visa on arrival in India.

Types of ETA

There are mainly three types of e-visa available for coming to India. They are the business visa the medical visa, and the tourist visa. While all three allows a stay of 60 days in the country with double entry and exits, yet the right kind of visa must be applied for. While applying, you will get the options to choose the type of visa.

How to apply for the tourist visa

The application process is very simple. You fill the form for the e-visa application, and then you will have to pay online the fees via credit card. Finally, on reviewing your application, the visa download link will be provided to you.

Concluding Notes

Much of the hassle of international tours are around the visa application and collection thing. Many people, who are travel enthusiasts, still draw their step back from a travel plan to another country, just because they discover that the visa application process would be too lengthy, complicated, and dreadful. But with the availability of the on arrival tourist visa to India, totally by the online process, things have become very easy for foreign nationals to plan a trip to India.