If your closet is currently filled to the brim, it’s time to give it a makeover. After all, a closet can only stay “bloated” for so long!

Your goal might be to make things more streamlined. If that’s the objective, it’s time to put your closet on a diet. A little decluttering and reorganizing will get it in better shape.

Here are seven tricks that’ll help you make a full closet recovery ASAP:

1. Use a Bag System to Declutter

Grab some trash bags before you begin to work on the mess.

Label the bags with the words “keep,” “trash,” and “donate”. As you clean your closet out, put each item into the corresponding bag.

If you want to see what’s in each bag as you go along, use see-through bags. That’ll give you the chance to take something out if it accidentally goes into the wrong one.

Using this technique will speed up the process of getting rid of things and sorting as you go along.

2. Don’t Look for ROI on High-End Brand Pieces

Even if you dropped a lot of money on a designer purse or wallet, that doesn’t mean you should keep it.

It’s easy to “collect” items because you love the designer. But that isn’t always practical and can eat up space in your closet. If you genuinely want a more organized closet, sell or donate anything you don’t use.

Again, just because it’s a high-end brand item doesn’t mean you can’t say goodbye.

If you have things you don’t want to donate, sell them on Poshmark by creating your own “shop” online. And if you’re too busy to set up a store, sell them on thredUp. All you have to do is mail the item to them and they’ll handle the rest!

3. Ask a Friend to Help You Tackle the Mess

Sometimes, it’s easier to tackle a mess when you have help.

You could be having a hard time figuring out what to do with everything. A friend will be able to advise you on what to keep and what to toss.

If you end up donating anything, a friend can help you follow through. We know how easy it is to have second thoughts and end up keeping too many things.

Even if you think that jacket is cute, remind yourself that you haven’t worn it in six months. Don’t keep something you don’t plan to use. It doesn’t make sense!

You should also ask your friend if they have any suggestions as to how you can organize your closet. If they have any ideas, hear them out. They may hold the secrets to designing a clean and efficient closet.

4. Restructure Your Closet

To maximize your space, you should rethink your organizational system. That sounds easier said than done, but you can do it!

A few things you can work on are:

  • Adding shelves
  • Raising your clothing rod (which will create more space)
  • Getting a dresser
  • Separating clothing from accessories
  • Incorporating storage containers

Creating more space will help you to organize better. When items are stored in a tidy manner, it’ll be easier to access them.

5. Use Smarter Storage

While restructuring your closet, think about which tools can help you keep things organized.

Boxes and bins are helpful, as are wall hooks. Like the tips described in the section above, these tools will give you more space for clothing and accessories.

Along with bins and boxes, you should get some box dividers for further organization. Use these to separate trinkets, jewelry, and other small items.

When using bins in a closet, remember to keep frequently used items toward the front. Non-seasonal clothing and accessories you don’t use that much should remain in the back.

This will make it easier to get to the things you use every day. No longer will you have to dig through your closet to find your favorite scarf as you’re running out the door in the morning!

6. Only Restock the Necessities

Once you’re done organizing, only restock the essentials.

The worst thing you can do is fall into the trap of clogging your closet again. Focus on what you use and only replace things as needed.

Don’t feel tempted to buy more clothes because you think you need them. Be very cautious about what you allow to enter your closet space.

If it helps, take a photo of your freshly-cleaned closet to keep on your phone. Before you buy anything, you can look at the photo and ask yourself if you like the item enough to let it into your neat and harmonious closet.

7. Keep a Donation Bin Close By

Even after you’ve organized your closet, it’s a good idea to keep a donation bin in your room.

Or, if there’s space, put a donation bin inside your closet.

That way, whenever you decide that you no longer need an item, you can toss it into the bin. Once a month, empty the bin and bring it to the nearest clothing donation center.

Get in the habit of donating or selling anything you don’t need. Following through with this method will prevent a mess from taking over.

In Conclusion

These tricks will help you keep your closet neat and tidy. And the best part is that this process should only take you three weeks!

Just make sure that, once your closet is organized, you work hard to keep it that way. This means putting things back in the right spot when you’re done with them, and not overindulging on shopping trips.


No one needs twenty pairs of shoes or thirty sweaters. Wouldn’t you rather have an organized closet than a large collection of shirts you’ll never wear?

Keep the necessities, maintain organization, and you’ll have a perfectly stocked closet. Don’t worry – you’ve got this!
About the author

Caitlin Sinclair has five years of experience in managing high-end apartment communities. Her ability to deliver white-glove service to her residents and prospects has propelled her into a successful career that now finds her leading the team at GIO Apartments.