A study conducted by Cornell Food and Brand Lab surprised foodies by claiming that they can weigh less and be healthier than dieters. According to the study, “The nationwide U.S. survey of 502 women showed that those who had eaten the widest variety of uncommon foods — including seitan, beef tongue, Kimchi, rabbit, and polenta – also rated themselves as healthier eaters, more physically active and more concerned with the healthfulness of their food when compared with non-adventurous eaters”. You can make some simple changes to your regular diet to lose weight and stay fit without sacrificing your favorite foods. Also, you can simply add something new to your diet to lose weight without hitting the gym regularly.

7 Simple Ways to Lose Weight without Adopting Strict Diet and Workout

1) Make Your Breakfast More Nutritious

When you decide to lose weight without exercising, it becomes essential to make your breakfast healthy and nutritious. The nutritious breakfast will keep you energized and help to reduce food craving. You can make the breakfast nutritious by adding egg white, honey, fresh fruits, avocado, oatmeal and whole grain breads.

2) Drink Flavored Green Tea

You must replace tea and coffee with green tea to lose weight naturally. It is also important to drink several cups of green tea throughout the day. The flavored green tea will make your meals more delicious while accelerating weight loss. Also, you can consume green tea to intake more Vitamin C and antioxidants.

3) Replace Processed Food with Real Food

Despite being easy to eat, the processed food increase both sugar and fat intake. To stay fit and healthy, you must avoid popular processed food like tinned vegetables, breakfast cereals, brad, savory snacks, cheese and cakes. It is always advisable to replace the processed and convenience foods with fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, hummus and similar real food.

4) Keep Your Meals Small

A balanced diet will help you avoid weight gain without giving up your favorite foods. But you must focus on the quantity of food to accelerate weight loss. You must control yourself from reaching for a second round of your favorite food. Also, you must make it a practice to have five to six small meals in a day instead of three large meals to maintain the required calorie intake while keeping your stomach full.

5) Drink Adequate Water

In addition to acting as a natural appetite suppressant, water will also boost your metabolism. The increased metabolism will make you lose weight throughout the day. You must drink adequate water during the day. Also, you need to drink water in the evening to lose weight while sleeping. It is also a good idea to include water-rich food and vegetables in your daily diets.

6) Take a Walk

You can always lose weight without hitting the gym regularly by indulging in simple physical activities like walking. Many studies even suggest that walking is the best way to lose weight without strict diet and rigorous exercise. You can make a week-long walking plan to burn calories without exercising regularly. It is also a good idea to take a twenty minutes walk before dinner to reduce appetite and burn calories. You can even consider walking to work to stay both lean and fit.

7) Opt for Stairs

Like walking, stair climbing also helps you to burn calories and lose weight without hitting the gym regularly. You must make it a practice to avoid the elevator and opt for stairs. However, you have to try different variations of stair climbing to accelerate weight loss. It is a good idea to take one stair at a time during the first session and then take two stairs at a time.
On the whole, the foodies can lose weight in a number of ways without adopting strict diet and rigorous workout. But you must decide the right ways to lose weight according to your lifestyle and professional assignments. The right weight loss techniques will help you to stay healthy and fit despite eating your favorite foods.